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Stan Rawlinson One of The UK's Leading Dog Behaviourists and Obedience Trainers. Covers Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire and London. But is prepared to travel further if necessary

Dog Training the Gentle Way This Website is a major resource for people looking for dog behavioural and training articles. Or are interested in help with behaviour counseling, dog training, or puppy classes and assessments,

All the articles on this site are all personally written by me. They cover many of today's dog behavioural problems and are on the forefront of behaviour and training knowledge. They also question many of today's what I believe are misguided beliefs and advice. 

95% of my one to one consultations only require one visit, to affect the changes that will make for a happier relationship with you dog. I have written hundreds of articles. However the two that emphasise my beliefs are The Alpha Myth and Killing With Kindness.

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