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Dog Walking, Pet Sitting and
Dog Creche

Sociable Canines a company that prides itself in giving a professional and personal service

Providing services that cover:
Dog, Walking, Dog Creche, Dog Sitting, Pet Sitting and Pet Feeding, See website CLICK

All our staff are vetted and trained, most of the staff are either helpers or puppy trainers at Stan Rawlinson's (Doglistener) puppy classes. Our aim is to provide peace of mind and exceptional service

We have acquired 48 acres of parkland and woods on the borders of Surrey and Middlesex so that we can carry out our entire dog walking and exercise in a suitable and safe environment. 

The land is sectioned into separate areas so that we can prioritise our walks and make it more enjoyable for your dog/s. There are wooded area with plenty of nook and crannies for every dog to investigate, as well as large areas of parkland for your dog to roam around.
The Dog Creche field and some of the Staff
There will always be Paws Claws staff on site at all times and if your dog requires feeding or resting this can be arranged at your request. We always walk around with the dogs and play ball but we also practice recall with them throughout the day. We have been informed that a new ruling may be introduced to all Dog Walkers allowing only four dogs to be taken out at one time, of which two of the dogs will have to be kept on the lead for the duration of the walk.

Therefore your dog will only benefit from a minimum of ½ an hour of running and playing time. This law was brought into effect in January 2007 in some Southern areas but was on hold pending further investigation in the Richmond & Kingston areas.

We are on private land therefore the law does not apply to us. Your dogs will get all the exercise fun and games it requires and will return to you tired but happy and contented, having had lots of great friends to play with during the day. This is like a Doggie holiday camp

We will collect your dog/s before 10:30 and drop them back to you after 2pm . They will have a day of fun with fresh water and treats always available for them.We also have some indoor facilities at the site.

Doggie Day Care (Creche) £17.00 (One dog)

Doggie Day Care (Creche) £27.00 (Two dogs from same house hold)

Doggie Day Care (Creche) £35.00 (Three dogs from same house hold)

Dog Walking £12.00 (1 Hour)

Dog Sitting or Dog Boarding £30.00 (either your home or one of ours)

See their website for further prices and details

Louise Rawlinson

1 Coombe Crescent , Hampton , Middlesex , TW12 3PD

07985 743 719

Tracy Robins

35 Hemsby Road , Chessington, Surrey , KT9 2DY

07506 738630

Areas covered are Richmond, Shepperton, Twickenham, The Hamptons and the Dittons, Esher, Isleworth, Kingston, Teddington, Sunbury, and surrounding areas


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