The Range of British Made Dog Crates and Puppy  Playpens

Dog in MTM crate. The quality of these crates surpasses everything elseThese are the only dog cages manufactured in the UK, all the other cages sold in this country are produced in the Far East.
There are huge differences between those and this British made dog crate. I am proud to say that almost every product I sell is made in UK

This is the only cage in the world where the manufacturers have the confidence to offer a 'Lifetime Guarantee'.

All of these Crates are plated and sealed using the latest state of the art technology.

The anti-corrosion properties of the new finish are three times more protective than any other such finishes available.

The finish is an attractive smooth iridescent silver colour. The extra protection and enhanced good looks provided by this process are especially important.

As all these crates are designed and built as dog homes, they will last the lifetime of a dog and beyond under normal wear and tear. 

End opening crates

Two door opening crates

Sloping dog crates

Puppy Playpens


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