Jingler DVD

The Jingler DVD gives you step by step instructions on how to use the Jingler with full graphical, visual, and aural explanations of all the techniques employed.

It explains how to get the best out of this amazing training aid.

* The dogs we filmed on this DVD were unknown to me until the filming began, everything you see is in real time, no trick photography*

Everyone that has purchased one of these said it was invaluable in understanding the use of this simple but incredibly versatile training tool.

That includes many professional trainers who are now using this simple but effective training aid

To see a clip of the DVD, please click Walking To Heel This DVD covers and demonstrates the use of the Jingler when used for Walking to Heel The Sit Stay The Off Command which stops Mouthing, Nipping Attention Seeking, Jumping Up and and some types of Aggression, Recall is also included.

In this DVD I demonstrate and break down each exercise in turn, bullet pointing each section so that it is easy and clear on how to use this device. Click on references from my clients to see the response.



Made in UK


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