• Pork Ear Shells


    Pigs Ear Auricles

    When you buy your pigs ears and any other treats for your dogs, are you aware where the treats came from?

    The majority of Pork and Beef pet treats are now sourced in China or India. I have no problems with either of these countries, except that the hygiene and quality controls are not as good as our own.

    Price: £9.95
  • Recall and Short Dog Leads


    Exclusive "Doglistener) short dog leads as a house or large dog lead. These can only be bought from this website. Soft yet amazingly strong with man size clips that will not break under any strain.

    Price: £9.50
  • Jingler DVD


    The Jingler DVD gives you step by step instructions on how to use the Jingler with full graphical, visual, and aural explanations of all the techniques employed.

    Price: £11.95
  • Air Dried Natural Sprats for Dogs


    Great Treats For All Dogs Including Puppies

    A full 400 grams of complete Sprats. No additives, colourants or preservatives.

    Full of Omega 3, hypoallergenic-gluten free.

    I use these all the time when I am training or working with dogs.

    Packed full of natural goodness and healthy vitamins and minerals. Great for the general wellbeing and health of your dog. And excellent for their coat.

    This is a treat as nature intended. Nothing added, just air dried in special ovens.

    Price: £11.95
  • Beef Scalp Natural Dog Chews


    Dried Beef Scalp 100% Natural Long Lasting Dog Treats.

    A full 1/2 Kilo bag of air dried Beef Scalp. One of the best dog treats on the market. 

    All my dogs love this, including puppies and seniors.

    They are extremely long lasting, and especially suitable for training dogs to get used to you leaving them for periods of time.  

    Price: £11.95
  • Jingler, Lead and Collar Combined


    Jingler Lead and Collar combined. Buy three products at once and save a little bit on the overall postage and packing costs.

    The small/medium size collar fits dogs up to 12.5 inches around the neck. The medium/large fits dogs with necks 12.5 inches and above.

    If you are not happy with the quality or the look of these products simply return them back to me.

    Price: £29.00
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  • The Jingler


    The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer (Doglistener).

    It works on sound therapy, by making your dog concentrate on the behaviour you are changing.

    I have used the Jingler to stop Jumping up, aid recall, walking to heel and some aggression using the OFF command. It also changes the level of respect the dog has for you

    Price: £8.00
  • Collars


    Exclusive "Doglistener) dog collars that can only be bought from this website. Soft yet amazingly strong with man size clips that will not break under any strain.

    Price: £9.00
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  • Bulls Pizzles Dog Treats


    Long Lasting Dog Chews
    Suitable any size dogs
    including puppies

    Bulls Pizzles end pieces are a great natural treat.

    Price: £10.95
  • Doglistener Leads


    Stan Rawlinson has manufactured what is arguably the best dog lead on the market made from ultra strong cushion web.

    Price: £12.00


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