Basket Muzzles

This basket style of muzzle is designed for more aggressive dogs. The basket should not deform even if an aggressive dog attempts to bite.

When fitted correctly, the dog can drink and pant, an essential requirement whilst fitted. If the dog is very active, then this muzzle is the best type as it allows full panting.

Most humane way to muzzle your dog - designed for ease of breathing, panting and drinking

Fully adjustable nylon fastening strap and felt nose cushion for comfort Produced from tough plastic which is light and easy to wash Attractive and informative packaging

This muzzle is invaluable for the following; Handling and grooming Protecting wounds Prevention of damage to valuables More freedom for assertive dogs Reducing barking

Below are the dimensions for A and B on the muzzle image above.

Measure your dogs snout girth at A and add approx 2cm for comfort, then choose the next closest muzzle size up from below.

Size 1 - A = 15cm B = 5cm - Min Yorkshire TerrierBasket Muzzle Sizing Information

Size 2 - A = 16.5cm B = 5cm - Jack Russell, Papillon

Size 3 - A = 18cm B = 5.5cm - Dachshund, Bichon Frise

Size 4 - A = 20.5cm B = 5.5cm - King Charles, Westie

Size 5 - A = 23cm B = 6cm - Corgi, Bedlington Terrier

Size 6 - A = 25.5cm B = 7cm - Beagle, Border Collie

Size 7 - A = 28.5cm B = 7.5cm - Dalmatian, Springer Spaniel

Size 8 - A = 31cm B = 8cm - Bull Terrier, Labrador, Irish Setter

Size 9 - A = 33.5cm B = 8cm - Sheepdog, German Shepherd

This is the best way of selecting your muzzle as many breeds vary so much in size.

You must measure correctly if it is wrong we will exchange if you order the wrong size, but the buyer will have to pay the postage.

Weight: 0.25 kg
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