Probably The Finest Pet Crate Available

These are two door crates.

If we get the order early you will receive the crate the next day, if not it will normally be 48 hours

Price: £0.00
Dimensions are listed in inches

Probably The Finest Dog Crate Available

The Sloping 2 Door Dog Crate is a Superior UK manufactured product that will keep your dogs and puppies safe and secure.

Ideal for both in the house and of course as a transporter for your car.

These top class crates are designed and built as dog homes, that means they will last the lifetime of a dog and beyond.

Price: £0.00
Dimensions are listed in inches

Puppy Playpens British Made Premium Quality

Top Quality Puppy Playpens In Two Sizes and can be adjusted easily to any shape you require.

The answer to keeping your puppy safe when you need to leave the room or overnight so they can toilet see my article Puppy Crying At Night

Price: £0.00
Dimensions are listed in inches

Rocco Beef Jerky For Dogs. Air Dried 100% Natural Superior Dog Treats 1/2 Kilo

A full 1/2 Kilo resealable bag of air dried beef jerky. One of the best dog treats on the market. 

All my dogs love this including puppies and seniors. You can tear off strips for a smaller treat if required.

Rocco Beef Jerky For Dogs – Very tasty, tender gullet meat. A great low calorie snack for your dog. Only 1% fat. Your dog will love these tasty beef jerky strips. 

Price: £11.95

Great Treats For All Dogs Including Puppies

A full 400 grams of complete Sprats. No additives, colourants or preservatives.

Full of Omega 3, hypoallergenic-gluten free.

Fish is one of the top foods you can ever feed your pets

Packed full of natural goodness and healthy vitamins and minerals. Great for the general wellbeing and health of your dog. And excellent for their coat.

This is a treat as nature intended. Nothing added, just air dried in special ovens.

Price: £10.95

Premium Quality 100% Beef Calves Hooves. Sourced from Germany because of the quality and cleanliness in preparation.

These sanitized Hooves will keep your chewing dog happy for days. You can also stuff with other treats and Freeze.

This helps teething. I often stuff them with Sprats and seal them with beef jerky strips.

No chemicals or preservatives added, just natural goodness

10 Hooves in a pack.

Great for teething puppies and adult dogs.

Price: £9.00

Beef Jerky Dog Chews
Suitable any size dogs including puppies
Very low in fat only 1%

Beef Jerky Sticks Dogs absolutely love them. Ultra low in fat and calories.

Price: £11.95

Probably The Finest Dog Crate Available

These are one door crates.
All manufactured and made in the UK

Price: £0.00
Dimensions are listed in inches

The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson (Doglistener). It works on sound therapy, by making your dog concentrate on the behaviour you are changing.

I have used the Jingler to stop Jumping up, aid recall, walking to heel and some aggression using the OFF command. It also changes the level of respect the dog has for you

Price: £8.00

Stan Rawlinson has manufactured what is arguably the best dog lead on the market made from ultra strong cushion web.

Price: £12.00


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