My Position and Standing In Google

There is no other Dog Behaviourist or Trainer with anywhere near the same rankings in Google. 
This confirms my level of knowledge and ability. All these positions are natural and not paid for. 
Click on the term and it will take you to the search ignore ads. I come up as

Walking to Heel  Normally 1st

Recall Training Normally 1st 

Recall Training Pups Normally 1st and 2nd 

Whistle Training Dogs Normally 1st

Whistle Training Pups Normally 1st and 2nd 

Annual Dog Vaccination Dangers  Normally 1st 

Food Bowl Guarding Normally 1st

Dog Food and Behaviour Normally 1st

Dog Breeders Impact on Dogs Normally 1st

Designer Dogs Disaster or Success Normally 1st

Pet Treats Stuffed With Calories Normally 1st

Different Types of Aggression Dogs Normally 1st 

Possession Aggression Resource Guarding Normally 1st

Cocker Rage Syndrome Normally 1st 

Sibling Pups Normally 1st

Crate Training Puppies Normally 1st 

RSPCA Admission Neutering Normally 1st 

Buying Sibling Dogs Normally 1st

Choosing and Training Rescue Dog Normally 1st 

Rescue Dogs Age Normally 1st

Fearful Nervous Dogs Normally 1st

Bakers and Pedigree Dog Food Normally 1st 

Inter-human aggression Normally 1st and 2nd

Spaying and Castration Dogs Normally 1st

The Ten Commandments For Dogs Normally 1st

 Puppy Crying at Night Normally 1st

Toileting With a Crate Normally 1st

Introducing a Muzzle Normally 1st

The Alpha Myth Normally 1st

How to Age A Dog Normally 1st 

Choosing a New Puppy Normally in 1st three

Spaying Dogs Normally in 1st five

Castrating Dogs Normally in 1st five

Neutering Dogs Normally in 1st three

Top Tips for Dogs Normally in 1st three

Whistle Introduction Dogs Normally 1st Three

Dog Communication and Body Language Normally 1st five 

Dog Aggression Normally 1st Five

Inter-dog Aggression Normally 1st three

Dominance in Dogs Normally 1st three

Choosing New Puppy Normally 1st three

 Separation Anxiety in Dogs Normally  in 1st five

Training a New Puppy Normally in the 1st three

Puppy Classes Normally in the 1st three

Puppy Socialisation Normally in the 1st three

Nervous Dogs Normally in the 1st three

Dogs Body Language Normally in the 1st three

Spaying and Neutering Normally in top three

Neutering Dogs Normally in top three

The Origin Of The Dog Normally in the 1st three

Dog Behaviourist Normally in the 1st three

Buying Two Puppies Normally top fhree

 Choosing a New Puppy Normally in 1st three


This article was written by ©Stan Rawlinson (The Original Doglistener). A professional full time Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer.

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