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We offer a range of specialized air dried totally natural dog treats plus own brand range of accessories
including leads, collars, and a wide choice of unique dog products for all dog breeds.


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Your four legged friend will come running for our naturally healthy treats for dogs.

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From food and treats to beds, collars and toys, our selection of dog supplies covers it all.

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Dogs learn more in their first 16 weeks than the rest of their life, times 10. It is at this time that they are at their most receptive; they soak up information and experiences like sponges. Learning tends to be permanent when learned at this age.

Stan Rawlinson.
The UK's Original Doglistener.

                             One of the UK’s Leading Dog Behaviourists and Obedience Trainers. 

I am now retired from one to one and behavioural work. I now concentrate on my articles and newsletters and campaign against bad practices like neutering, over-vaccination, and poor quality dog food.

Though we still run puppy classes in Hampton. We also own a dog-friendly cafe in Hampton Hill called Paws for Coffee. and the UKs Totally Natural Dog Store also in Hampton Hill. Plus my Online Store

See My Services for my charges and further information. This Website is a major resource for people looking for Dog Behaviour and Training Articles or for those interested in helping with behaviour counselling, dog training, or puppy classes and assessments.


Stan Rawlinson

Is Lepto 4 A Dangerous Vaccination?

The Real Concerns Regarding Lepto 4 and 2 Lepto 4: Probably the most controversial vaccinations currently given to dogs. It is the one that is generally given annually rather than

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Dangers Annual Vaccinations
Stan Rawlinson

Vets and the Vaccination Scandal

The Scandal of Over Vaccinating Dogs I have been writing about the dangers of over-vaccinating dogs for many years. It should be improving as more scientific evidence comes to light

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