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The Pet Show Stoneleigh Park 2015.The General Public and Companies Should Boycott this show starting 1st and 2nd August 2015 
Important Changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act From 13th May 2014 Important New LegislationThere is a very serious change to the law regarding dogs. It can affect all dog owners, or the person in charge of the dog at the time of the incident. The changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991,  will come into force on 13th May 2014.
The PFMA and Peter Neville The PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) have come out all guns blazing in defence of the pet food industry. This was after the Channel 5 program, that highlighted concerns voiced elsewhere, about the quality of some of the pet food manufacturers ingredients. 
Channel 5 The Truth About Dog's Food. TV at its worst. What a shame! A chance for a television program to actually make a difference to our dog's health and wellbeing. Time to uncover the truth about the terrible dog food industry. And the health and behavioural issues, that some of these companies are visiting on the UKs favourite pet "The Dog" What did they do? Arty Farty slow-motion close-ups on dogs eating various types of food.
The Law and the RSPCABy Dr.Barry Peachey LLB(Hons), LLM, Ph.D., FCollP, MBAE, ACIArb, FETC
Bakers and Pedigree Complete Dog Food Are These Top Selling Brands Really Bad?
Stoneleigh Park Hosts the UKs largest Pet Show. My Brother and I will be demonstrating our amazing skills and taking dogs from the audience we have never worked with before.
Video is at the bottom of the Blog I had to say goodbye to a dearly beloved dog called Edward, on Monday 25th of March 2013. He was the most amazing dog with children. He was gentle, loving, and his adoration of children and people shone through everything he did. I watched this video today (below)  and it made weep. It was like watching Edward, who was a English Springer Spaniel,  he interacted with children almost the same as this lovely Labrador.

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