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The PFMA and Peter Neville

The PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers Association) have come out all guns blazing in defence of the pet food industry.

This was  after the recent Channel 5 program, that highlighted concerns voiced elsewhere, about the quality of some of the pet food manufacturers ingredients.

Not surprising really, as the PMFA’s very existence depends on these petfood manufacturers.

We must be well and truly in the silly season again. It appears to happen when our esteemed politicians go on their summer break. When there are no political about turns or gaffes to fill up our papers, some organisations put out press releases, hoping they will get more print time.

Could that be the reason for the amazingly stupid "elf-N-safety" diktat that the Kennel club have released. We have enough nanny knows best from the state, without organisations like the KC getting in on the act.

The Pet Show Stoneleigh Park

I am shocked that this show employed a man as Head of Animal Welfare with such a chequered past.

Tim Wass was in charge of the RSPCA Inspectors when they killed 10 German Shepherds with a captive bolt gun.

It is believed they then inserted a screwdriver on the hole and stirred the dogs brains causing massive convulsions before they died.


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