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THERE IS A NEW CRAZE SWEEPING THE INTERNET. PET SHAMING We have all experienced the frustration of our pets messing up our possessions and our home. Eating the telephone is just a minor infringement for some of them. Digging up the garden, peeing on our beds and vomiting on our sofas are just some of the things they get up to.
KENNEL CLUBS ATTACK ON PUDSEY ROUTINE We must be well and truly in the silly season again. It appears to happen when our esteemed politicians go on their summer break. When there are no political about turns or gaffes to fill up our papers, some organisations put out press releases, hoping they will get more print time. Could that be the reason for the amazingly stupid "elf-N-safety" diktat that the Kennel club have released. We have enough nanny knows best from the state, without organisations like the KC getting in on the act.

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