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Thousands of Dogs and Cats Killed Each Year By Salt and Antifreeze

Thousands of our dogs and cats  are becoming either seriously ill and in many cases dying because the freezing conditions require the councils to act by treating the roads.

Once these conditions start. the gritters and salt spreaders are out in force, keeping our roads free for our safety. People are also topping up on antifreeze in their engines cooling system and windscreen washers.

Unfortunately, those actions can be devastating to our pets

PDSA Release Shocking Animal Welfare Report

PDSA Create Report On The Well-Being Of Our Pets 

Report Overview
A disturbing animal welfare report by veterinary charity, PDSA, The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals, reveals that millions of pets are more aggressive, overweight and misunderstood than ever , due to fundamental gaps in pet owners’ animal knowledge.

Pets At Home Stores Exposed For Poor Animal Management

Watchdog Exposes Pets At Home

The popular BBC's consumer programme Watchdog, has revealed that some Pets at Home stores had serious shortcomings in their small animal and fish management. 

I watched the Wednesday evening's show, and was surprised to see one of its flagship branches at New Malden, was reported to be in breach of basic animal welfare standards.

This really surprises me, as I have done talks and shows in the New Malden branch on numerous occassions in the past. New Malden is the largest store in the Pets at Home group.

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