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Crates & Bedding

  • Easidri High-Performance Cooling Gel Mat ~ 30% off the slightly marked ones Probably the very best cooling mat on the market I use them for all my dogs and we use them in our cafes absolutely brilliant We have a small number of these mats that are slightly marked. It has no impact on the product, The packaging print came off on the Mat so they are slight seconds. 30% of our already discounted...Read more
  • Quality Dog Crates For All Breeds of Dogs Dog Crates - Small, Medium, Large, XL and Giant Double Door Dog Cage, great for all; Dogs, Cats, Small Animals & more... These crates are quality grade steel, unlike the ones that are often sold in pet shops. Unfortunately, many rust easily and some are coated in a plastic which peels off and the dogs eat it, If you touch your tongue to the inside of...Read more

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