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Crates & Beds

  • Easidri High-Performance Cooling Gel Mat ~ 30% off the slightly marked ones Unfortunately, we only have the small ones left though you can purchase our other gel mats in different sizes currently only large size left HERE Probably the very best cooling mat on the market I use them for all my dogs and we use them in our cafes absolutely brilliant We have a small number of these mats that are...Read more
  • Quality Dog Crates For All Breeds of Dogs Dog Crates - Small, Medium, Large, XL and Giant Double Door Dog Cage, great for all; Dogs, Cats, Small Animals & more... These crates are quality grade steel, unlike the ones that are often sold in pet shops. Unfortunately, many rust easily and some are coated in a plastic which peels off and the dogs eat it, If you touch your tongue to the inside of...Read more
  • Treat your pet with this beautiful Animate Sherpa Fleece Crate Mat / Liner - a soft and comfy double sided mat bed, made with durable materials and double stitched for extra strength, it is extremely hard wearing, warm, and snugly. Easy to wash, this fleece crate mat is perfect to use for bedding, a travel bed, on the floor or on furniture to protect it. Animate use the highest standards of...Read more
  • -The rear-seat hammock provides protection for your car from pet hair and muddy paws. -With a water-resistant backing and tough nylon weave, the hammock simply attaches to the head-rests in your car to keep your rear seat and footwell clean. -With adjustable straps and slots for seatbelt access. -Paws on Tour is the comprehensive range of essential and convenient items to equip you and your dog...Read more
  • This cat & dog cooling mat will keep your pet cool, even in the hottest weather. It is foldable, can be wiped clean, and is available in two different sizes for small and medium sized dogsRead more

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