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Media, DVD, CD & Interactive Toys

  • Interactive Rope Toy A large strong log like woven cotton rope toy., Come in two sizes XL and Medium This is really eco-friendly as it is made from recycled teeshirts. Great for either carrying around, throwing and retrieving and games of tug. Far better than sticks to retrieve as sticks can be very dangerous.for all dogs Also great for chewers and that includes the arch chewers of all the...Read more
  • Access the Jingler HD Streaming Video. The latest Stan Rawlinson Video on how to control your dog using the Jingler Full High Definition Video, full screen. Clip can be seen at the bottom of the Walking to Heel article. Once you have paid for this streaming video you will have to log back in to watch it. Follow the link you are sent and log inRead more
  • Unstuffed Floppet Comfort Duck Toy I find that many stuffed toys get the stuffing removed very quickly. This Duck has no stuffing to make a mess all over the place I can them roadkill toys as they are flat. However, dog love carrying them around and playing with them -Perfect for cuddling and comfort -Features a squeak for interest -Length: 47cm -Please note that this toy is designed for cuddling...Read more
  • Plush Soft Feel Pheasant This is one of the favourites with many dogs. It has a soft plush feel to it and dogs seem to like carrying it around Often dogs like these types of toys at it appear to give them comfort and enjoyment just to hold it. It is not indestructible. To be honest I have never found anything that isn't to a determined dog. Though dogs do have favourites toys and these appear to...Read more
  • High-quality training and behavioural sound desensitisation CD for dogs and puppies of all breeds and ages. Helps puppies and well as adult dogs. If young pups are gently desensitised at a very early age then they often do not get these problems. Sound desensitisation has been used successfully for years to combat sound phobias in dogs. If your dog is afraid of sounds such as thunderstorm,...Read more
  • The New Jingler DVD HD 45 minutes long This latest DVD can be bought in two formats. Streaming or a Physical DVD that is sent to you. The cost of the DVD physical version which will be posted out to you is £11.95, The cost of immediate access streaming is £9.95 Click Here Once you have paid for it simply log out then log back in using your email address and password. It gives you step by step...Read more
  • Three Natural Rope Toys The first of these natural rope toy is for tugging The second for throwing and retrieving. The third is for basically for carrying and chewing and as teeth cleaner but is basically an all-rounder as it can also cover all three requirements. Nature's Paws Rope is lovingly made with 100% natural cotton rope. Naturally strong, Nature's Paws ropes are is ideal for retrieval,...Read more

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