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Recall Training

  • The Jingler

    The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer (Doglistener).

    The bells size and sound is unique I have them all specially made are me once i managed to get the right sound. There are three bells on every set and they are all in silver.

    If you imagine that the Jingler is the opposite of a clicker. Whilst the clicker tells your dog when it has done something right, The Jingler indicates when it has done something wrong

  • Whistles

    There is only one dog whistle you should buy and that is the Doglistener Acme whistle. Comes with instructions and a unique doglistener lanyard.

  • Ultra Short Dog Leads and also Used for Recall

    Exclusive Doglistener short dog leads as a house or large dog lead. These can only be bought from this website. Soft yet amazingly strong with man size clips that will not break under any strain.

  • Extra Long Recall Training Lead

    Specialised recall lead in quality material with leather handle and interwoven leather foot stops.

    This is the classic way to teach recall, it is far better if you use a whistle in conjunction with this technique. This should be an acme whistle (see my products). It carries further and stronger than the human voice. More importantly it is far more commanding, and does not sound emotional and panicky. which the human voice can impart.

    Approx 25ft long made from ultra strong thick canvas and leather. Instructions on recall and techniques included.