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 James Yeates, the RSPCA's chief vet, suggests that all pet owners should be licensed, appearing to go further than the charity's formal call for dog owners to have licences
Lexi Branson Mauled to Death by Pet Dog
Dog attack victim was 'bubbly, bright' little girl, says mother The mother of Lexi Branson, who was killed by the family’s dog, said the four-year-old would “never be forgotten”
RSPCA Fat cats rake in six figure salaries!
RSPCA fatcat 'rakes in 45% more' than the previous boss - but the charity is spending LESS on animal welfare  
RSPCA Brings ‘Outrageous’ Case Against Woman Who Treated Her Dog For Fleas When the family dog, Becks, got fleas, Charlene Draper did what any responsible owner would do.
Oldbury Boy Bitten by West Midlands Police dog  The boy was bitten by the dog in a garden in New Henry Street in Oldbury A 10-year-old boy was injured when he was bitten by a police dog in his grandmother's back garden.
LENNOX KILLED. Despite all the work that many people put into this campaign. Lennox tragically had his life taken away on Wednesday 11th July 2012 This was a black day for the many people who had fought long and hard for the release of this poor dog.
Lennox, is a five year old American Bulldog x Labrador. Who was seized by the Belfast City Council Dog Wardens from his family home where he lived with his owners and his pals (other Dogs). Lennox had done nothing wrong. He hadn't attacked anyone, there were no complaints at all registered against him. Amazingly the warrant was actually for a different address.


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