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Thousands of our our dogs and cats  are becoming either seriously ill and in many cases dying, because the freezing conditions require the councils to act by treating the roads.

Once these conditions start. the gritters and salt spreaders are out in force, keeping our roads free for our safety. People are also topping up on antifreeze in their engines cooling system and windscreen washers.

Unfortunately, those actions can be devastating to our pets

PDSA Create Report On The Well-Being Of Our Pets 

Report Overview
A disturbing animal welfare report by veterinary charity, PDSA, The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals, reveals that millions of pets are more aggressive, overweight and misunderstood than ever , due to fundamental gaps in pet owners’ animal knowledge.

Watchdog Exposes Pets At Home

The popular BBC's consumer programme Watchdog, has revealed that some Pets at Home stores had serious shortcomings in their small animal and fish management. 

I watched the Wednesday evening's show, and was surprised to see one of its flagship branches at New Malden, was reported to be in breach of basic animal welfare standards.

This really surprises me, as I have done talks and shows in the New Malden branch on numerous occassions in the past. New Malden is the largest store in the Pets at Home group.


Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist

Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist Obedience Trainer

Dog Training the Gentle Way
This Website is a major resource for people looking for dog behavioural and training articles. Or help with Behaviour Counselling,  Dog Training, Puppy Classes or Individual Assessments.

My articles cover many of today's dog behavioural problems, and are on the forefront of behaviour and training knowledge. They also question many of today's common beliefs and advice.

These include The Alpha Myth and Positive Only Trainers. If you read nothing else, then read these two articles They will open your mind to how dogs really learn.

My articles are all based on Common Sense, that is why they are so popular. The problem with Common Sense is it isn't all the common.

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Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist Obedience Trainer. His Dogs

These are my current Dogs: They all work in my practice dealing with Interdog Aggression or fear. Three of them are working Gundogs.

Unfortunately though they are in this picture, I have had to say a last very tearful and sad goodbye to three of my dogs within a couple of  years of each other.

My White German Shepherd Kai. He contracted Malignant Lymphoma and became very ill. 12 months later my Springer Spaniel Edward had to be put down at the age of 13 with Liver failure

I was with both of them right up to the end Kai died on Wednesday 11th April. 2012 and Edward on Monday 25th March 2013. My friend Ian, my Vet for many years, helped them go peacefully with no more pain and suffering. Those who know me will understand.

And Charlie contracted heart disease and became very ill in April 2014 and he died. His start in life was the most horrific. I will write his story when I feel I can, as it is stomach churning the suffering he had at the hands of a masochist in the first few months of life. Rescued in the end by a Vet nurse and I was asked if I could rehabilitate him as he was terrified of people. His spirit and personality was so good that he became a PAT dog and was at Crufts. Charlie was 13 when he passed over.

This is always the very worst part of owning pets. If I could change anything, I would love to change the life span of our loving companions. My Ten Commandments for Pets says it all really.

Latest News

RSPCA Madness Dogs are Slaves
RSPCA's Next Possible Trustee Wants To Ban All Pets John Bryant, An animal rights radical, is standing for election as a trustee on the national council of the RSPCA

Press Coverage Stan Rawlinson In The Press

This Morning Show
Because of Crufts weeks I was asked if I would be prepared to go on the This Morning ITV show on the 2nd of March The two presenters Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden were both intelligent and charming I was presently surprised at their input. The format was that people could phone in and ask me behavioural and training questions regarding their pets.

DogListener Blog

The Pet Show Stoneleigh Park
The Pet Show Stoneleigh Park Companies and visitors should think long and hard before going to this second rate and frankly amateurish event. For stall holders it is vastly overpriced and the management renege on their promises. For visitors read below and you will understand why you should not support this show. I was totally shocked that this show employed a man as Head of Animal Welfare with such a chequered past.

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