Easidri High Performance Cooling Coat


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Please do not buy this until you have measured your dogs as it comes in a sealed holding bag, Once open we cannot sell it except as 2nd hand. We have had a lot returned because people did not check the size of their dog’s measurements before buying directions below. These will Keep your dog cool in hot weather with the High-Performance Cooling Coat. With its unique cell structure, it slowly releases moisture without wetting your dog’s coat. It also dries your dog when the dog has been out in the rain or has been swimming simply pop on the coat and it absorbs the moisture from your dog.

Super absorbent, the Easidri cooling coat has a unique cell structure which slowly releases its moisture, cooling your dog for hours. The coat cools as water slowly evaporates, use in hot weather to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Use after swimming or rain and it dries your dog. amazingly versatile. Reusable and machine washable, supplied in a handy resealable bag so it’s always ready for use.

It is tough, durable and resists tearing and shredding. Easy to fit with adjustable touch and close chest and stomach straps.

Cooling Coat Care Guide
1. Before use, soak thoroughly in cold water & wring out leaving the coat slightly damp.
2. Place the coat on your dog and fasten using the chest & stomach straps (do not over tighten).
3. If the coat dries out during prolonged use, rehydrate by following step 1.
4. After every use, rinse thoroughly in a weak solution of household disinfectant (not bleach).
5. If the coat becomes soiled, machine wash with household laundry detergent (bio or non-bio) at 30°C. Do not wash in a fabric softener.
6. Do not tumble dry or allow to dry out. Wring out until slightly damp and store in this resealable bag when you have

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