Fish4Dogs Mousse




Fish4Dogs Mousse 100g.

This natural luxury gourmet wet treat is made from Salmon and Seaweed Extract.

The salmon and trout are gently steam cooked then whipped giving it an airy creamy texture.

Fish4Dogs Salmon Mousse can be given on its own or mixed in with dry food as a delicious tempting treat or used for other methods of keeping the dog and cat occupied.

Dogs go silly for this amazing Fish4dogs mousse. I also use it with my working dogs and give them half a packet each halfway through a working day and it really boosts their energy levels.

Can be used in many ways for adding to the dog’s normal food This is also sold for lick mats which can keep the dogs and cats occupied for a long time.

I also use it to stuff Cows and Calves Hooves as it makes a brilliant Goodbye Hoof that helps overcome separation anxiety and young puppies when they go to their forever homes.

Fill a hoof with this and add any other tasty goodies then freeze it and give to the dog or puppy when you are leaving it for any length of time

Freezing helps it last far longer and with the added bonus of cooling down a pups gums and teeth when they are teething. Yet to find a dog that does not like this fabulous special treat.

You can or buy them singly or in boxes of 6 that saves you money..

Obviously, this product is free of all additives colourants or preservatives and is grain-free products the same as in all my Natural Dog Store. 

You can buy with confidence from my store knowing that the products are the best on the market.

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Cod, Trout, Salmon


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Fish 4 Dogs

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