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Pork Ear Shells Strips 1/2 Kilo

Also, known as pigs auricles. These are better than a full pig’s ear as they have far more goodness and meat on them.

Ths are cut down into smaller pieces to give a hearty small snack and reward.

Especially good for puppies and small dogs who see a large treat as daunting

These are a natural dog snack, ideal for peckish times between meals. Oven-dried, unseasoned NOT deep fried in rancid fat like many of the pork treats we see advertised

This is truly an exciting treat for dogs and has an appetising aroma. Unlike dog bones, pigs auricles are easily digestible.

The high cartilage content in these shells will strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles and help with gums and teeth cleaning.

  • Great for puppies and adult dogs
  • Delicious, healthy snack, suitable for all dogs
  • Completely natural, no additives
  • Carefully selected pork auricle
  • Does not splinter
  • Come from EU regulated livestock
  • 100% EU pork
  • High in natural oil
  • Helps clean teeth whilst chewing
  • From free-range animals, all grown as nature intended with no growth promoters, steroids or antibiotics.
  • All meat used is NON-HALAL

1/2 Kilo 


Stan Rawlinson

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