Great Treats For All Dogs Including Puppies

A full 400 grams of complete Sprats. No additives, colourants or preservatives.

Full of Omega 3, hypoallergenic-gluten free.

I use these all the time when I am training or working with dogs.

Packed full of natural goodness and healthy vitamins and minerals. Great for the general wellbeing and health of your dog. And excellent for their coat.

This is a treat as nature intended. Nothing added, just air dried in special ovens.

Price: £11.95

Premium Quality 100% Beef Calves Hooves. Sourced from Germany because of the quality and cleanliness in preparation.

These sanitized Hooves will keep your chewing dog happy for days. You can also stuff with other treats and Freeze.

This helps teething. I often stuff them with Sprats and seal them with beef jerky strips.

No chemicals or preservatives added, just natural goodness

10 Hooves in a pack.

Great for teething puppies and adult dogs.

Price: £9.95

Beef Jerky Dog Chews
Suitable any size dogs including puppies
Very low in fat only 1%

Beef Jerky Sticks Dogs absolutely love them. Ultra low in fat and calories.

Price: £11.95

Pigs Ear Auricles

When you buy your pigs ears and various other treats for your dogs  Are you aware where the treats came from.

The majority of Pork and Beef pet treats are now sourced in China or India.

I have no problems with either of these countries, except that the hygiene and quality controls and never as good as our own.

The country with some if not the best hygiene controls is Germany. That is where I source my ALL Natural treats.

Price: £9.95

Air Dried Buffalo Lung

100% natural meat from Buffalo. Low-fat, especially suitable for older and overweight dogs.

Dried beef lungs are a fat-free dog chew suitable for all breeds.

They are ideal for all dogs but especially those with sensitive digestion and for overweight dogs.

Beef Lung are an all natural and are 100% meat, without artificial colourings or preservatives.

All my natural treats sold on this website are air dried in a fan oven without smoke at 130°C. Without spices.

Price: £10.95

Ancol Slip Leads
12mm X 120mm

Traditional strong nylon rope lead, comfortable to the touch, simple to attach and carry.

Comes with a leather 'keeper' to ensure a comfortable fit for your dog.

Click Slip Lead for larger picture of leads.

Price: £8.95

Dried Beef Lips

Lean, fat-free dried beef lips to create the perfect natural dog treat.

Beef lips are especially firm so they hold out longer against hearty chewers.

My dogs even the real fussy ones go mad for these.

Great for puppies and adult dogs and all breeds

Literally just pure air dried meat. All from German animals.

As always I am careful about where the meat or treats come from and from which animals You get about ten to twenty pieces all different sizes pieces in a full 1/2 Kilo packet

Price: £10.95

Pure Lamb Tripe

A hearty, tasty very low fat chew for both small and large dogs,

Suitable  for all breeds 100% natural air dried Lamb Tripe

This treat is Ideal for the overweight or food sensitive dog.

Even the fussy eaters will love this. never known a dog turn it down yet.

An all natural chew, without any artificial colours or preservatives. Dried at 130°C in a hot oven. Without spices. 1/2 Kilo bag Only £11.95

Price: £11.95

Probably The Finest Dog Crate Available

These are one door crates.
All manufactured and made in the UK

Price: £0.00
Dimensions are listed in inches

Probably The Finest Pet Crate Available

Price: £0.00
Dimensions are listed in inches


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