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Bulls Pizzle Meat

Bull Pizzle Meat 1/2 Kilo

So what is a Pizzle? The word Pizzle is an old English word for penis, it comes from Low German pesel or Flemish Dutch pezel.

They are a delicacy in some countries where they are supposed to extol vigour and strength. Sorry, but not for me, my dogs live them but that is as far as I go.

These are chunks of quality beef pizzle sections which are slowly air-dried over a number of days This part of the pizzle is the meat that is taken from the top end and is, therefore, bulkier than the normal pizzle sticks

It has no bones and cannot splinter yet makes a long-lasting chew.  you normally cannot get the pizzle muscle meat though I have managed to locate it.  it offers a healthy and long chewing experience, and very effective dental care.

Yet these are reasonably low odour due to the process that is used whilst drying these treats. Bulls Pizzle Meat contains just pure pizzle beef meat nothing added and nothing taken away. 

Protein is an essential nutrient that can keep your dog's body in good shape throughout their life. Bull pizzle meat is also high in taurine, which is an amino acid that benefits the muscles.

500 g
Bulls Pizzle Meat

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