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Easidri High Performance Cooling Mat

Easidri High-Performance Cooling Gel  Mat 
~ 30% off the slightly marked ones 

Probably the very best cooling mat on the market I use them for all my dogs and we use them in our cafes absolutely brilliant

We have a small number of these mats that are slightly marked. It has no impact on the product,

The packaging print came off on the Mat so they are slight seconds. 30% of our already discounted price for the slightly marked ones. See drop down menu when paying.

The Easidri cooling mat is ideal for use in the car, in your pet's bed or anywhere else to help your pet stay cool and comfortable.

The soft and durable mat is also beneficial to older pets or those who suffer from joint pain.

For extra coolness pop it in the fridge for half an hour.

The nylon outer is an advanced composite waterproof fabric and the filling is food grade gel making it totally safe for your pet.

It is easy to wipe clean and is suitable for use inside and outside. Can be used in the garden.


Cooling Mat Care Guide

  • The Easidri cooling mat is ready to use straight out of the packaging!
  • ​Place it on a cool surface, in the shade, and allow your dog to sit on it.
  • ​The mat will heat up with use, as the heat of the dog is transferred to the mat.
  • When the mat is warm, place the mat in a cool, shaded area, to allow it to cool down.
  • You can place the mat in a refrigerator, to lower the temperature of the mat. Do not freeze
  • Store the mat in a cool, shaded area.

Easidri Cooling Mat Small 40cm x 30cm
Easidri Cooling Mat Medium 50cm x 40cm
Easidri Cooling Mat Medium Wide 65cm x 50cm
Easidri Cooling Mat Xlarge 96cm x 81cm

1 kg
EasidriCooling Mat Small

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