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Jingler, Lead and Collar Combined

My Famous Lead Collar and Jingler

I decided to combine these all together to make it cheaper and easier to purchase..

I started manufacturing my own leads and collars all made in the UK when I found that most of the leads and collars were made of cheap nylon which was harsh on the hands and rough to the touch.

I found a material called cushion web and started assembling the leads and collars in 2003.

I still use some of the original ones. If you are not happy with these amazing leads and collars then just send them back. You do not need to have a reason and I will be happy to refund you as long as you have not used them in any way.

All my leads and that includes slip leads, normal, thin, and short leads for larger dogs and recall training, are all made to my exacting standards and all the clips \nd clasps are British Made. 

Bundle Item List: 
The Jingler
Doglistener Leads - Red
Collars - Red - Medium/Large
Bundle total weight: 
0.49 kg
Red Medium / Large Collar + Lead + Jingler

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