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Sloping Dog Crate

Probably The Finest Dog Crate Available

The Sloping 2 Door Dog Crate is a Superior UK manufactured product that will keep your dogs and puppies safe and secure. 

Length31″ Width21″ Height24″

Ideal for both in the house and of course as a transporter for your car.

These top-class crates are designed and built as dog homes, that means they will last the lifetime of a dog and beyond.

The extra protection because of their sturdiness, are especially important and may save your dog's life when other crates could fail.

These cages have been supplied to all sectors of the pet industry including the rescue, working dog, and veterinary community. Should you wish to store the cage, it collapses down very easily.

Please see below the key features of this product

  • Every panel has been purposed builtDoglistener Crates and Playpens Made In Britain
  • Optimum size mesh rimmed and hand finished
  • No rough edges
  • A high density, splinter proof, and easily cleanable tray
  • Spring-loaded locking clips for doors and ends
  • No distortion strain to erect
  • Nothing to chew, all parts are protected
  • Spares available, the cage is fully traceable via serial number on label
  • This really is all you could need in a cage!
  • And of course the only crate designed and manufactured in the UK

From £66.00

5.1 kg

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