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Sound Desensitisation CD

High-quality training and behavioural sound desensitisation CD for dogs and puppies of all breeds and ages. 

Helps puppies and well as adult dogs. If young pups are gently desensitised at a very early age then they often do not get these problems. 

Sound desensitisation has been used successfully for years to combat sound phobias in dogs. If your dog is afraid of sounds such as thunderstorm, fireworks, gunshots, sirens, or car and traffic noise. Then this is the disc for you

Coupled with some of the herbal remedies and a program to work through it can work wonders on those phobic dogs

Sound desensitisation does take patience and time to accomplish but in the long term, it has advantages over traditional therapies in that once your dog is desensitized, you are not required to be there when the events occur.

This is an article that explains the treatment and program to set the Sound Aversion CD: Noise Aversion a Treatment

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Sound Desensitization CD
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