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Dog Treats For All Ages of Dogs

A Range of Hypoallergenic Dog Treats For Dogs 

Pulls Pizzles Bully Sticks Dog TreatsBulls Pizzle Off Cuts
Treats are as important as the food we give to our dogs. Many treats have additives and colourants that can harm or affect the behaviour and health of our dogs. I sell only treats that are totally natural and do not include the following.

Gluten Wheat,  Colourants Es or Additives and Preservatives.

  • These Bulls Pizzles are long lasting and a great for teeth and quality protein. Great for leaving when you are going out and great for puppies teething.

All the treats I sell are as nature intended. Nothing added and nothing is taken away by cooking.

£10.95 for a full half Kilo Bag


Buffalo Jerky
 Only 1% fat. They are not cooked, they are air dried in special fan ovens. This seals in all the goodness, rather than cooking it out. I source all these treats from Germany as they have a track record for quality and hygiene.

I have written an article on food and behaviour, and on food, like Bakers and Pedigree, they are worth a read. This Beef Jerky is sourced from European herds of cattle. The air dried beef is from the gullet which makes these treats tender and almost free of fat. I have yet to find a dog that will turn its head from this treat.

 1/2 Kilo in resealable bags of air-dried beef jerky Only £11.95



Air Dried Beef Liver 
A delicious snack for any age and size of dog including puppies.

are a tasty snack and perfect for those times between meals when you want to spoil your dog. Give your dog a delicious treat with this 10 % beef liver chews.

The liver is a real favourite with all dogs and this is something very special. No additives no preservatives from human grade EU Animals

This is one of my dog's favourite treats. The texture is quite hard so should be ideal for teething puppies.

400g nearly 1/2 a Kilo 11.95



Air dried SpratsWhole Dried Sprats
Sprats are full of Omega 3. And other vital minerals.

Fish are packed with essential oils and vitamins vital for our pets health. Fish is a great source of quality protein for dogs of all ages.

All my dogs are healthy and not overweight. Their teeth are clean and free from stains or tartar. I believe that the food and treats I feed them are the best on the market.

Which is why I buy my air dried treats from Germany. They have a brilliant record of hygiene and quality. Treats are valuable in many ways.

 400g nearly 1/2 a Kilo 11.95




Quality Long Lasting Treats Calves HoovesCalves Hooves
Premium Quality 100% Beef Calves Hooves. Also sourced from Germany.

These sanitised hooves will keep your dogs chewing happily for days. No chemicals or preservatives added, just natural long lasting fun.

Click on the pictures to go to the individual pages where I sell these treats. You may also wish to read my article on Food and Behaviour.

I vouch for their quality and the likeability factor of all the treats I sell. If you are not 100% satisfied with the treats please return and i will refund less postage
 !/2 Kilo Premium Calves Hoofs. only £10.95





Beef Jerky Chew Sticks
Dried buffalo jerky chews, made from 100% pure meat and very low in fat only 1% 

Suitable for dogs and puppies, and especially good for any pet with weight problems. These tasty dog chews are made from dried buffalo gullet. That is why they are so low in calories and fat content

The pre-portioned pieces are just right for a delicious chewing session. The perfect guilt-free treat for your dog.

This buffalo jerky is gently dried in a fan oven at 130ºC without smoke or seasonings.

 1/2 a Kilo in fully resealable bags only 11.95




Beef Lung
100% natural meat from a Buffalo. Low-fat, especially suitable for older and overweight dogs.

Dried beef lungs are a fat-free dog chew suitable for all breeds. They are ideal for all dogs but especially those with sensitive digestions, fussy and overweight dogs.

Beef Lungs are totally natural without artificial colourings or preservatives. Because they are air dried and not cooked means the weight you get in treats is the true weight, not 50% water.

By air drying, you are holding in the goodness and the flavour. Most if not all dogs love these very special treats.

1/2 a Kilo in fully resealable bags only 11.95



50 Large Chicken Feet for all sizes and ages of Dogs1/2 Kilo Chicken Feet 
Air dried chicken feet. This is one of the most popular treats for all dogs, they go mad for it.

Can be given to any size and age of dog or puppy. These are dried in specialised ovens that work on hot air. That is why I import my treats from the EU  these are 100% natural, nothing added no preservatives or additives 

These are crunchy and gristly and packed full of vitamins and mineral to give a dog healthy skin and coat this natural chicken snack is also suitable for sensitive dogs with food intolerances.

50 large feet in every 800-gram packet there not far off a Kilo. This quality of product is more expensive in many other outlets

1/2 a Kilo of quality Chicken feet £10.95


Dried Beef Scalp  
Dried beef scalp is long lasting chewing enjoyment for dogs. Since your pet really has to gnaw on this product until it is soft. it also does a great job at cleaning teeth and exercising jaws.

This long lasting dog snack is made from 100% beef and is free from all artificial colourants and preservatives. This is probably my dog's favourite treat, and they never leave it about or the others will steal it.

Treats can be used as rewards and for puppies and adult dogs to keep them occupied during those times when you have to leave them on their own. Unfortunately, the majority of the treats available in the UK are full of additives preservatives and Es. Don't take the risk of inferior food or treats for your dogs. supervise puppies with these treats initially to see if they gulp them. 

1/2 a Kilo only 11.95


 Beef Heart Super Lean Lean treat - suitable for all types of breeds - even for large breeds and overweight dogs


Beef Heart Dense Muscle Meat (NEW)
Fat-free Bovine heart. Extremely lean - suitable for all types of breeds - even large breeds and overweight dogs.

Great for puppies and. This is a treat suitable for any dog. Ideal for even the overweight obese dog. 

This meat is the hardest-working muscle in the Bovine body which makes it lean and dense. It is more of a crunchy treat than a chewy treat. It comes in assorted sized pieces from thumb sized to palm-sized slices.

1/2 a Kilo only 11.95




Air Dried 100% meat from German Beef Dried Beef Lips
Lean, fat-free dried beef lips to create the perfect natural dog treat.

Beef lips are especially firm so they hold out longer against hearty chewers.
My dogs even the real fussy ones go mad for these. Great for puppies and adult dogs and breeds Literally just pure air-dried meat. All from German animals.

As always I am careful about where the meat or treats come from and from which animals

You get about ten to twenty good size pieces in a full 1/2 Kilo packet

£11.95 per 1/2 kilo bag.



Lamb TripeLow fat Dog treat for overweight sensitive and fussy eaters
A hearty, tasty low-fat chew for both small and large dogs,

A low in fat and suitable for all breeds 100% natural air dried pure lamb tripe Ideal for the slightly overweight and fussy dogsA natural chew, without artificial colours or preservatives. Dried at 130°C in a hot oven. Without spices Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Never known a dog to turn this down even the ones that will not normally eat treats. I sometimes get garden pruners and cut these into little pieces and use them for training the really fussy dogs

Comes in a 1/2 Kilo Bag Only £11.95








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