DVD Preview

DVD Preview

Preview from my new HD  DVD below. Showing the Jingler technique in an easy to follow format. See below to purchase DVD or instant access streaming. The Jingler must be purchased separately. The Full Video is 45 minutes long.
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Purchase the High Definition Full Screen DVD HERE £11.95 . Or the Instant Access Streaming Video HERE Only £8.95

This DVD covers and demonstrates the use of the Jingler when used for walking to heel, the sit stay, the off command which stops mouthing, nipping, attention seeking, jumping up, and some types of aggression. recall is also included.

In this DVD I demonstrate and break down each exercise in turn. Bullet pointing each section so that it is easy and clear on how to use this device. Click on references from my clients to see the response.

You can throw away those Halti’s and Harnesses they only serve to restrain your dog not to train it.

This is the breakthrough in training that people have been looking for for years. Kind and effective it uses sound therapy to train the bad habits from your pet.

I initially trained as a professional musician both orchestral and rock ” Oboe and Keyboards” This gave me what is known as relative pitch, which allows me to clearly hear sounds and tones.

I found some 8 years ago, that certain sounds aided training in dogs. It can intensify your pets ability to concentrate on what you are teaching your dog to do, or what behaviour you are altering.

This led me to design and develop the “Jingler” Many trainer and behaviourists as well as thousands of my clients are now using my “Jingler” methods to cure many problems, including jumping up, pulling on the lead, aggression, both interdog and inter human, predatory chasing recall and much much more.

Follow this program through and you WILL have a very different dog. Below is an explanation how this simple but enormously effective little tool works. The Jingler is £6.00, DVD Only 11.95 and the lead which I guarantee you will never find a better one, is £12.00 plus postage packing. Save on postage by buying all three together.

These DVDs are burnt individually on DVD-R Discs and are designed to play on most DVD players. If you experience any problems, like freezing or skipping, this may be due to dirt on the laser head of your player. This is often caused by dust, smoke and pet hair entering the player causing a build up. Using a DVD cleaning disc should remedy this.

The Jingler is a simple device that uses sound therapy. It works almost the opposite to a clicker. Instead of telling the dogs it is doing something right the jingler is activated when the dogs is doing something wrong.

The repetition of the jingle and either a change of direction or a command conditions your dog so that it associates the noise with a specific movement or training command.

Your dog will soon get the idea that for instance, if you are curing pulling on the lead. In order for the walk to continue, the dog quickly works out that the Jingler, plus my technique means it cannot possibly pull on the lead, and watch your movements at the same time. You will then be in control of the walk and the reward for good behaviour is for the walk to continue.

The Jingler can be used for a variety of problems “Walking to Heel” “Jumping Up” “Barking” “Nipping & Mouthing” (both puppy and adult dogs), “Food Snatching” and to aid “Recall” and “General Obedience”. I have also used it successfully for some cases of inter-dog  and Inter-human aggression, food stealing, jumping on furniture etc,

At no time should you jerk or pull hard on the lead during training. It is possible to put considerable strain on your dog’s neck muscles. This is an outdated and injurious technique.

The Jingler is designed to overcome this, when using it, just a gentle shake of the lead is all that is required. Try it, put it near your ear and shake, it is quite loud and your dogs hearing is far more acute.

It is easy to get angry with your dog, but like us, dogs have off days, so if they don’t want to work on occasions, don’t force them. If you find yourself getting frustrated, count to ten and then try to imagine what it would be like if you were shouted at or abused simply for not understanding what was expected.

When you get your Jingler It will include full instructions on how to use it including:
Pulling on the lead
Jumping up
Nipping and Biting
And the Recall using the Sit Stay method.

To use the Jingler method effectively it should be used in conjunction with the items shown below:

A proper at least 1″ wide collar I sell this in soft feel tactile web. never use a thin or rolled collars. These can bite into the neck; therefore I personally do not recommend them. Never use a check or choke chain this is a barbaric outdated method of lead control, and can cause neck and spine injuries.

With my method there is never any reason to use anything like check chains or the hideous prong collars.  You will also not need to use a Halti or a Harness, which only work because they create intense discomfort to the dog. How else could they work. The nerves across the nose are particularly sensitive and the harness compresses the chest.

A five foot plus lead. A short lead will make it difficult for you to control the dog when he or she pulls or jumps up, plus you want to give your dog the freedom to toilet without standing over them. I sell these in four colours see my website for cost with the Jingler or on its own.

I sell leads that are specifically designed and made for the Jingler.  They are 5 foot 8 inches long. I also sell Doglistener collars that match the leads and are soft and comfortable on any dog. 

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