General Dog Products

  • Dog Crates For All Breeds of Dogs LB – Dog Crates – Small, Medium, Large, XL and Giant Double Door Dog Cage, but great for all; Dogs, Cats, Small Animals & more… These crates are quality grade steel, unlike the ones that are often sold in pet shops. Unfortunately, many rust easily and some are coated in a plastic which peels off and the dogs eat it, If you touch your tongue to the inside of…Read more


  • Super Lightweight Dog ID Tube – Aluminium ID tube for dogs – Split-ring attachment – Light and discreet way of ensuring your dog can be easily identified. – Includes contact slip – Several colours available – Important: Ensuring your dog has ID with your name and address is necessary by law and makes it much easier to reunite owners and lost dogs. Were you aware that the maximum fine for not…Read more


  • Great Food and Water Mat for Dog and Cats 100% designed and made in Great Britain, these mats are hypoallergenic and highly stain resistant with a non-slip rubber backing. The dense pile traps dirt, dust, and mud to protect your clean floors, a The recycled cotton tufts are mixed with microfibre to make the mat ultra-absorbent, able to trap up to 95% of all dust, dirt, and mud as well as three…Read more


  • Big Paw Dirt and Mud Grabber Mat Fully Washable Great mud and wet grabber for all size dogs and for the humans to coming in from the garden or the park. A great mat for the money comes in two colours both with large paw print the 1st is a light background the 2nd a dark background. Keeps dust and mud from being traipsed in it actually gets better with was washing 100% British design and…Read more


  • Johnson’s Dog Deodorant Shampoo 200ml Dog Deodorant Shampoo by Johnsons dispels body odours, adds lustre and beautifies the coat. Contains anti-bacterial and deodorising ingredients to leave the coat clean, fresh and odour free. suitable for all breeds.Read more


  • Johnsons Sweet Breath Tablets 30-Pack Johnson’s Sweet Breath Tablets are a fresh mint flavour, which helps control breath and body odours. Bad breath is common in dogs and cats these tablets certainly help, but it also worth checking what is causing these symptoms. Dogs and cats Fresh mint flavourRead more


  • The One and Only FURminator Undercoat deShedding Tool. These are the very best on the market they are absolutely amazing. There are lots of copies and snides out there but this is the real deal, the genuine product. I use this size for all my dogs. I just find it works so well I ofter two typed on for short hair under 2 inches and one for long hair over 2 inches. Remember these are for removing…Read more


  • Ancol Non-Spill Travel Bowl The smart and clean way to travel with your dog in style. This is also handy for puppies in crates as it is difficult to turn it over and it is non slip Keep your dog hydrated while on the move in the car with the Paws on Tour Non-Spill bowl. Intelligently engineered to be both non-spill and non-slip, the Non-Spill Bowl provides water to keep your dog happy, healthy,…Read more


  • Smart Elizabethan Collar Safe, lightweight and translucent, the Smartcollar also has a padded neckline so there is no need to attach it to the dog’s usual collar. Many injuries and minor cuts an scrapes are worsened by the dog or cat licking and chewing their wounds. self-mutilation can be troublesome, expensive and ultimately can threaten the animal’s life. Present designs of Elizabethan post-…Read more


  • Rear Car Seat Protector One Size This heavy-duty Ancol Car Seat Protector allows you to transport your dog without getting muddy paw prints and dog hairs on car seats. A seat protector that is completely waterproof so damp dogs can be driven home without leaving a stain or a smell. It also has and has handy cut-outs so it can be used with a car harness. It has loops to fix to the rear seat…Read more


  • Isofix Seat Belts For Dogs and Puppies Keep your dog securely strapped into your car with the Paws on Tour ISOfix Seatbelt. The ISOfix Seatbelt attaches to your dog’s harness and also plugs into the ISOfix anchor point, keeping your dog safely in the back seat of your car. Total Length : 60 cm Paws on Tour is a comprehensive range of essential and convenient items to surely equip you and your dog…Read more


  • Jingler Lead and Collar combined. Buy three products at once and save on the overall cost if bought separately postage and packing costs and the cost of the leads and collars.. The small/medium size collar fits dogs up to 12.5 inches around the neck. The medium/large fits dogs with necks 12.75 inches and above. All my leads and collars are fully washable. When washing the lead put in a cloth bag…Read more


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  • Lightly Dried Chicken Stomachs 1/2 Kilo I often use these for basic training as a special treat for a job well done. You can snap bits of them and dogs absolutely love the texture and the taste. Lighty Dried in special ovens at 120 degrees these treats are suitable for puppies and adult dogs small or large. and can be broken up to make smaller treats. Chicken is normally non-allergic to dogs and…Read more


  • These slimmer collars have been manufactured for the smaller dogs so it is lighter thinner and less bulky than my standard chunky leads and collars. Style and comfort are the main features of these exclusive Doglistener collars. The range of colours matches my cushion web leads. These are the colours Orange , Red , and Black Made from tactile web material it is strong and hard-wearing but with a…Read more


  • Soft Comfortable Mesh Harness A lightweight and comfortable harness for recall training and car attachment, also used for walking dogs. However, I do not believe they should be used for walking to heel. I have written an article explaining that using a harness or a halti causes pain and discomfort to your dog. Type into Google The Importance of the Right Lead and Collar I will probably be the top…Read more