RSPCA Madness Dogs are Slaves

RSPCA Madness Dogs are Slaves

RSPCA Potential Trustee Wants To Ban All Pets.
John Bryant, An animal rights radical, is standing for election as a trustee on the national council of the RSPCA.
He has called for all pets to be neutered, and pet ownership to be ‘phased out’ and all breeding ended”.

Mr Bryant believes pet ownership is slavery. Tell that to all the pets that adore us
Mr Bryant believes pet ownership is slavery. Tell that to all the dog in this picture

Basically he wants to neuter all pets and not allow any further breeding. That will effectively remove domestic dogs and cats from our planet.

I thought the RSPCA was an Animal Welfare Charity-Not hardline Animal Rights.

He wrote a book in 1992 called “Fettered Kingdoms”  he compared keeping dogs and cats to slavery, writing: 

“Let us allow the dog to disappear from our brick and concrete jungles — from the leather nooses and chains by which we enslave it.”

The cat, like the dog, must disappear. We should cut the domestic cat free … The right of every single fish to live out its life as nature intended is an animal rights issue.’

Live out its life as nature intended is an animal rights issue? Then why are the RSPCA neutering dogs at six weeks of age. Does he imagine that is “as nature intended.” RSPCA Neutering Immature Puppies

The initial information for this article is thanks to the Daily Mail. Always a great paper when it comes to our pets.

He told the Daily Mail that his views had changed little in the last three decades. Mr Bryant had served on the RSPCA Council for nine years and has also held positions in the League Against Cruel Sports, Animal Action and the Campaign for the Protection of Hunted animals.

What would you imagine Mr Bryant does for a living? When not campaigning for animal rights he is a PEST CONTROLLER. I wonder if he learned his murderous trade from his friends at the RSPCA.

I wonder if he understands just how hypocritical that is, given his long standing animal rights credentials. This idiot is not the only extreme radical putting their names up for election. Read about the others in the Daily Mail online website.

Hypocrite John Bryant Receiving RSPCA Medal for Services Rendered
Hypocrite John Bryant Receiving RSPCA Medal for Services Rendered

Many of my readers will know that I am not a fan of the RSPCA. I do not believe a charity should be used by political activists to peddle their weird beliefs.

That position and opinion comes from years of seeing them decline into an organisation that has moved from its core Animal Welfare to Animal Rights. 

The latest group of potential trustees clearly mirror that concern

I have had reason to call out the RSPCA on a number of occasions, for what was serious welfare issues.

Not once did they ever bother to turn up. Once was a fox begging for food at Kingston Market. It had the worst case of sarcoptic mange that i have ever seen.

There was no fur on any part of its body except this poor animals head. Its whole body was covered in weeping sores. I bought two cornish pasties and fed it.

Whilst it was eating,I ran to get a lead out of my car in the hope of capturing it and taking it to my Vet, but by the time I returned it had gone.

I went back daily for some time but did not manage to catch it, This poor animal must have suffered terribly. I checked with the stallholders and they told me that the RSPCA have never been seen. I believe others had also rang them,but to no avail. 

If there are no TV cameras or reporters to show just how kind and caring they are, then they they appear disinterested. TV or newspaper coverage fills their coffers with the general public’s kind donations. it is believed that they paid their last Chief executive Gavin Grant in excess of £160 000 a year.

Grant was a failed liberal democrat MP with apparently no rescue or charity expertise before becoming the RSPCA’s Chief Executive. No wonder donations are falling, when figures like this emerge. We donate to help real cats and real dogs, NOT fat cats and dirty dogs!

With a kill ratio that is mind boggling. The RSPCA destroy more than 50% of the animals that cross their path. Please note that I do not say the word euthanise, I deliberately use the words KILL and DESTROY.

That is because this organisation believes it is acceptable to kill dogs with a captive bolt gun, then apparently stir their brains through the hole with a screwdriver to finish them off.

The RSPCA were  severely castigated for killing ten German Shepherds with a bolt gun. When numerous rescue centres including German Shepherd rescue wanted to rehome them.

The head of the Inspectorate at that time a man called Tim Wass who stated “It was much harder on his men than it was on the animals.” What an unbelievably stupid insensitive and crass statement to make. These poor animals died horribly. This is typical of the RSPCA hierarchy. They believe they are above the law.

In reality they appear get away with murder, yet their inspectors never seem to get punished for their actions. Mr Wass is no longer with the RSPCA. He is part of a private company, and is now chief consultant of Animal Kind.

In fact for the second year running Tim Wass is in charge of Animal Welfare at The Pet Show 2015Some might suggest that putting Mr Tim Wass in charge of animal welfare, is like putting Herod in charge of baby-sitting.

Many other Rescue centres said they could have rehomed these poor dogs after their owner died THese organisations were rightly furious. Jane Shenstone founder of German Shepherd Rescue went on the Five Live Radio Program to condemn Mr Wass and the RSPCA.

Mr Wass did not even bother to turn up for the program, nor did he agree to go on air by telephone.I have put the Five Live Radio Show below. Tim Wass the then head of the RSPCA Inspectorate when these dogs were killed. He refused to appear on the program but sent a message, it will shock you.

You may want to write to The Pet Show 2015 and ask why they employ the likes of Tim Wass as head of animal welfare. [email protected] I would certainly not recommend you visit this awful show. 

Stan Rawlinson
June 2015



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