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Call or Email me if you would like me to come to your club or show and do practical demonstrations with dogs from the audience, plus a fun and exciting talk on everything from critical periods to the origin of the dog, how dogs learn, and how to understand canine body language.

Hounds on the HillHounds of the Hill Dog Show July 16th 2016

Hello Stan

Thanks so much for your wonderful talk and demonstration you gave to our group last week. Next year we will go back to a Saturday meeting and hope we can get our numbers back to normal. I realised I didn’t have an address to send you a full written letter so this email will have to suffice I’m afraid.

Everyone at the AGM thoroughly enjoyed you coming along to educate us in the most entertaining way. We were amazed at the way you controlled Star, it was a fantastic success. All of the ladies there were so interested in everything you told us, I wish we had had a lot more time.

I do hope that at some time in the future we can organise something with a much larger audience hoping you would want to talk to us again, we all enjoyed it so much and many more people should know about the methods you use and all the interesting insights you have.

The lady who owned Star (Cherry Lee) wondered if you could send her some details so that she can practice what she learned from you. She wanted the method to stop jumping up, and stopping pulling, 

Once again, thank you for giving us such a good time at the AGM. Good luck with your other shows this year.

Kind regards
On behalf of People & Pets Animal Welfare Charity

Dear Stan,

Thank you for your time last Wednesday to answer my questions. The information was very useful. I will order the jingler & CD as advised.

I also have to comment on the excellant evening my partner,Susan, and I had at your evening in Huntingdon. The presentation was excellant with so much information we could both relate to. If only we had this information earlier with regard to castration.

I have set your web site into my favourites! I also will look out for further talks in order we may be free to attend.

Thank you for your help.

John Bilverstone