The Jingler


The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson (Doglistener).

It works on sound therapy, by making your dog concentrate on the behaviour you are changing.

I have used the Jingler to stop Jumping up, aid recall, walking to heel and some aggression using the OFF command. It also changes the level of respect the dog has for you

If you imagine that the jingler is the opposite of a clicker. Whilst the clicker tells your dog when it has done something right, The Jingler indicates when it has done something wrong.

The technique reinforces and rewards good behaviour, and is non rewarding for bad behaviour.

I also recommend using my own (Doglistener) leads as they are a specific length to allow the technique to be used effectively. My leads are specially made for use with the Jingler. They are made from super strong cushion  web which os soft and gentle on the hands.

They have a D clip for the Jingler to clip on. and an O ring on the handle end which has multible uses. 

If it is not the best lead you have ever had then just return it within one month of purchase, and I will refund your payment in full (less postage)

For more detailed information click Further Jingler Information This will also allow you to view some Video clips of the Jingler in action.

The Jingler is easier to work with and use if you also purchase the Jingler DVD which shows in easy to follow steps exactly how to train the dog with the Jingler technique. However written instructions are always enclosed with the Jingler.

                This Is A Puppy Pulling Hard On The Lead                                                 

Puppy Pulling Hard On The Lead.
       This Is The Same Puppy 5 Minutes Later, notice the length of the lead     

Five minutes later and the problem has been sorted With The help of the Jingler


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