Discover the story behind our rise as the best dog brand and behavioural specialists in the United Kingdom.

Louise & Stan have a passion for pets & bring with them both a wealth of knowledge & experience. From gun dogs to miniature dachshunds (& that’s just their own)!

Stan started out as a dog behaviourist in 2001 & swiftly built a wide reputation as your ‘go to’ guy for dog training & puppy classes. Louise started out as a dog walker & to this day owns Paws Academy doggy daycare. She started training with her dad back in 2004 & now runs the training & puppy classes herself.

The idea of providing natural, wholesome dog treats started in Louise’s back garden in 2010. With one air dryer & a garden shed ‘Paws Pantry’ was created, making dried liver treats galore!

Years on, the demand for feeding our furry friends natural treats grew so rapidly that Stan opened the Dog Store. With one goal in mind… to provide your four (sometimes 3) legged customers with high quality nutrient rich treats with no additives, preservatives or chemicals. 

From dried fish skins to dried bull’s pizzles (yes you guessed right), from cow hooves to rabbit ears, each product serves a purpose be it teething, joint health, skin & coat or just a delicious natural snack your dogs will love!

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