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 Quote: "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, then wait until you hire an amateur" 

Please telephone me,  If you wish to discuss your dogs behaviour or training needs. With a view to possibly arranging an appointment at your home.

You can of course Email me, though telephone is normally easier. I may need to ask you a number of questions, to confirm if I can be of assistance

There is a short Video clip at the bottom of the page,
From a TV series I starred in called "A Different Breed"

© Stan Rawlinson MTCBPT. MPAACT A.dipCCBStan Rawlinson. Lab picture taken at the 2011 CLA Gamefair at the retriever championship
The Original Doglistener
H: 0208 9792019
M: 07976 153161

The Doghouse, 
1 Coombe Crescent, 
Greater London,
TW12 3PD

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Before you make any decision about contacting me, please check on my ranking in Google. This confirms why I am considered to be one of the UK's leading canine experts in Dog Behaviour and Training. If you can find any other single behaviourist or trainer that has had his work and articles put in so many categories, in so high a ranking then I will offer to work with you and your dog for free.


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Sorry, I Can No Longer Give Free Advice: I would love to be able to answer each and everyone's problems and questions. After all I have done so for many years. Unfortunately I am now getting many dozens of e-mails daily asking for all types of help.

I am only one person and do not have the resources or time available to continue doing this. I have unfortunately come to the stage where it is impossible to answer the sheer volume of your queries.

If you want to contact me to make an appointment or discuss your dogs problems with a view to possibly arranging an appointment, then I will be happy to discuss this with you.

If you live outside the UK or a great distance from where I operate, I may be able to set up a telephone consultation if the problem warrants it. Or I could recommend a PAACT member in your area go to the PAACT website (see below and click on find a trainer. But unfortunately I can no longer give personal free advice. Sorry!

OfteStan Rawlinson in lake district With Charlie And the Rest of The Boysn the answer to many of the queries I receive is on my website, in my numerous articles or my products such as the Jingler.

I am a fully insured professional dog behaviourist and obedience trainer. Who has owned and worked dogs for over 35 years, starting with gundogs then moving to the behavioural and obedience side of training companion dogs. My successful practice covers Greater London, Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Though I am available to travel to any location in the UK if required.

Recommended by numerous Vets, Rescue Centre's, and Charities. I have written hundreds of articles covering behavioural and  training problems.

I have written and commented on behavioural issues and techniques for dog magazines including Our Dogs, Dogs Monthly, Shooting Times, Pet Talk and Pet Owner Magazine. I have also acted as a behavioural expert for Disney, Sky, BBC, ITV, and LBC. and have often appeared on television, radio and in national newspapers.

I was recently one of the stars on the eight part series called " A Different Breed" for Sky HD which was shown in spring 2011 It will be repeated many times. I have also heard it may be sold to America.

I am also an Expert Witness under the Dangerous Dogs Act and have assessed many dogs that are either accused of being a banned breed or gdangerously out of control. I prepare reports and attend court as a recognised expert in my field of work.

I am also an assessor of dogs child fostering agencies. To asssess the dogs are not a threat to the newly fotered child. I have also work with the handlers and dogs that are tasked with locating explosives at Heathrow Airports freight centres.

I am also the founder member and current chairman of PAACT
The Professional Association of Applied Canine Trainers, which brings the disciplines of obedience training and behavioural counseling together under one banner.

 I also designed and developer the amazing new training aid "The Jingler". Which I often use in my consultations. It can stop pulling on the lead, Jumping up, aids reacall and i use in some aggression mainly on the lead. I also acts as an expert witness in cases involving the DDA (Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. and lecture and give practical demonstrations at national and international meetings and symposiums.

My vast bank of clients include: King Abdullah, The King of Saudi Arabia. Lakshi Mittal the Steel magnate and richest man in in the UK. Lawrence Dallaglio (Rugby Player ) Marc Knopfer (Dire Straits) Duffy (Great Singer) Sue Johnston (The Royle Family and Waking the Dead) Plus the CEOs (overall worldwide chief executives) of major companies such as The Mars Corporation.

My main hobby other than my passion for dogs, is photography. CLICK here to see a small selection of my work. I have taken nearly every picture you will see on this site, other than the ones I am in.

Available for Talks, Seminars, and Presentations.

I have done numerous practical displays, seminars and store openings at international, national symposiums, and local events including shows, clubs, and major presentations.

I explain and demonstrates how to get the most from your dogs. covering all aspects of training, behaviour, communication, and body language, including how dogs learn and think.

I also gives practical demonstrations of my ability to work with all dogs in any circumstance. I take dogs out of the audience. Despite the fact I have never handled or worked with those dogs before. I then stop them pulling on the lead jumping up, I have them sitting calm and still whilst I walk away all of this in miunutes of meeting the dog.

One of my specialities is in the area of interdog and interhuman aggression and fearful and anxious dogs. Which is normally the reason for the aggression

I was also involved ion the talks with CAWC is The Companion Animal Welfare Council.  am proud to say I was involved in these discussions, looking into existing training and behavioural legislation and educational requirements, for trainers and behaviourists.  T he group were tasked with making  recommendations regarding amendments or additions to current qualification requirements and best practice for behaviourist and trainers. CAWC chaired these meetings

I am also a member of the PETbc. The Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. Which is a British organisation that promotes high standards for canine and pet-related training associations, canine and feline behaviour course providers and similar interest groups in the UK. That represent the future for pet education in companion animal behaviour disciplines.

Main areas I cover are London, Greater London  Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire for one to one training and behaviour. However depending on the case I am prepared to travel further if required.

     Short Clip From an Eight part Series In On Sky1 HD Called "A Different Breed"

I am active in all the following towns: Acton, Addlestone, Ascot, Ashford, Bansted, Barnes, Bracknell, Brent Brentford, Bushey, Byfleet, Chelsea, Chertsey, Chiswick, Chorleywood Cobham, Croydon, Ealing, Earls Court, East Molsey, Edgware, Egham, Englefield Green Epsom, Esher, Eton, Ewell, Farnborough, Feltham, Fulham, Gerrards Cross, Godalming, Greenford, Guildford, Hammersmith, Hampton, Ham Hanworth, Harlesden, Harlington, Harpenden, Harrow, Hatfield, Hayes, Hemel Hempstead, Henley, Hersham, Heston, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington, Kenton, Kew, Kingston Upon Thames, Leatherhead, Maidenhead, Marlow, Merton, Mortlake, New Malden, Northolt, Northwood, Ottershaw, Oxshott, Pinner, Putney, Raynes Park, Reading, Richmond, Rickmansworth, Roehampton, Ruislip, Shepherds Bush, Shepperton, Slough, Southall, St Albans, Staines, Stanmore, Stanwell, Sunbury, Surbiton, Sutton, Teddington, Tring, Twickenham, Uxbridge, Virginia Waters, Walton on Thames, Watford, Welwyn, Wembley, Weybridge Whitton, Willesden, Wimbledon, Windsor, Wokingham, Woking, Woodham, Wraysbury



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