Dog Interacting With A Downs Syndrome Child ” Beautiful”

Dog Interacting With A Downs Syndrome Child ” Beautiful”

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I had to say goodbye to a dearly beloved dog called Edward, on Monday 25th of March 2013.

He was the most amazing dog with children. He was gentle, loving, and his adoration of children and people shone through everything he did.

I watched this video today (below)  and it made weep. It was like watching Edward, who was a English Springer Spaniel,  he interacted with children almost the same as this lovely Labrador.

Edward was just 13 years old when he had to be put to sleep. He had chronic liver failure. However he did have a full and happy life with my family, and motley group of dogs.

He was a working gundog, as well as a pet. Nearly all my dogs have been rescues or bought second hand.

Edward was the first dog I ever had as a puppy. I remember picking him up at 8 weeks old in Devon. The family had four young children who adored all the puppies. But I think Edward was their favourite.

They would run in before school and play with them, and then again in the evening. They all stood and cried as I drove Edward away.


Edward last year after swimming in Bushy Park
Edward last year after swimming in Bushy Park

I think this start in life from a none professional breeder. who bred once every five years. was absolutely vital.

Choose carefully when you get a puppy, or even better still, adopt a rescue.

The breeder handled the pups from day one, and cared deeply for them.

The children and the breeder gave Edward his adoration of all people but in particular children.

He would gently sidle up and lay one paw near them his eyes begging them to stroke him He did not have a bad bone in his body. Either to dogs people or animals.

I fully socialised him, and of course took him to my puppy classes from 8 weeks old, This is such a critical period in a dogs life see my Puppy Classes and Puppy Socialisation

If they appeared frightened, he would roll over and make himself small. Even people frightened of dogs would see in Edward something that was gentle, kind and caring. He was a special dog and has that extra special place in my heart. 

I miss him terribly. As I do Kai my White German Shepherd who also died of cancer a year ago and my 22 year old cat, who had a massive stroke four month ago. It’s been a hard year

Click the arrow below to see a truly awesome Video of a Labrador interacting with a downs syndrome child. Beautiful. Turn your sound up.

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