Dog Owners Live Longer

Dog Owners Live Longer

Study Shows Dogs Increase Owners Lifespan

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A recent study has confirmed that dog ownership lengthens the lifespans of owners especially with regard to mental and physical wellbeing. (1) Research On Longevity Increases For Dog Owners

The research and analysis covered a time span of nearly 70 years and 3.5 million participants, one of the largest research projects on mortality and dog ownership ever undertaken.

This peer-reviewed study showed that dog owners had a 24% reduction in mortality rates and death from any cause than non-dog-owners.

Researchers have confirmed that people with cardiovascular problems had even better mortality results.

This life-extending benefit can be traced in part by the increased physical activity owning a dog imparts.

It also pointed to the fact that most dog owners would not be walking anywhere near the same distances if they did not own a dog.

This research found that other positive factors of owning a dog were related to mental health issues, loneliness, and depression could in part be alleviated by dog ownership and the companionship that the dog gives.

Owning a family pet also can help cut down on obesity, one of the biggest risks to mortality rates. In some countries, obesity is a major factor in many diseases and especially cardiovascular and strokes.

Walking between 20 and 30 minutes with your dog each day helps reach the minimum requirement of exercise recommended by the BMA of 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly.

However, exercise is just part of the benefits of dog ownership there are numerous other benefits these are just a few.

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  1. Helps Avoid Allergies: Studies indicate that children who grow up in homes with dogs have a lower risk for developing autoimmune illnesses like allergies and asthma and are less likely to have eczema. They also tend to have fewer sick days than those who don’t have dogs,
  2. All Dogs Make Fantastic Companions

    Improves Social Life: Research has uncovered that 40% find making new friends far easier than people without dogs. According to one British study 4 out of 5 people speak with other dog owners whilst out with their dogs. Dog owners who would not normally start up a conversation with a stranger find that the commonality with dogs breaks the ice.

  3. Loneliness and Depression: Dog owners are less prone to depression because appear to reduce anxiety and panic attacks in humans it is a known fact that people with dogs suffer less from depression than those without pets, We have all heard of Therapy dogs they have been shown to be effective in easing depression for a variety of people, old, young, healthy and the infirmed.
  4. Purpose and Meaning: As we grow older and retirement looms then the motives for doing daily chores tend to disappear. Dog ownership to some extent is having a family member ever-present, and all that entails. Therefore we do not just worry about our own needs we are reminded of our pet’s requirements and that give a purpose to our daily routines.
  5. Cognition and Memory: Dogs help prevent loneliness and isolation, which is instrumental in fighting off cognitive decline and disease in later years. It increases our drive to look after our pets and therefore a reason to get up and get out.  it has been in many residential home that people with dementia or Alzheimer’s perk up and are far happier and more attentive when someone brings in a dog. Alzheimer’s patients are soothed by dogs, whose companionship also seems to mitigate emotional flare-ups and  frustration-aggression.

Studies show that owning a dog has far greater positives than negatives, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing. Dog ownership is intrinsically linked to lower blood pressure, cholesterol reduction, and a decrease in triglyceride levels.

If you regularly eat more calories than you burn, particularly from high-carbohydrate foods, you may have high triglycerides (hypertriglyceridemia).

It has been observed that these levels come down with dog ownership. that contributes to improved cardiovascular health and fewer heart attacks. Dog owners who do have heart attacks also have better survival rates after an attack.

Researchers found that compared to non-owners, dog owners experienced a:

  • 24% reduced risk of all-cause mortality;
  • 65% reduced risk of mortality after heart attack; and
  • 31% reduced risk of mortality due to cardiovascular-related issues.

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(2) Healthiest Natural Dog Treats in the UK

(3) Finest Joint and Coat Supplements For All Ages of Dogs

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