Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer and Animal Abuser

Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer and Animal Abuser

Peter Hargreaves Dog Abuser Found Guilty of Dog Cruelty and Neglect

This man is a monster
animal abuser and fraudster

Fraudster and Dog Abuser: Peter Hargreaves claims he is a dog behaviourist and trainer he is neither. He is a conman, fraudster, scammer, plagiarist, puppy farmer as well as an animal abuser.

This man is on the run from the police and the courts that found him guilty of neglect and cruelty of dogs in his care. This man is also being investigated for other offences.

Hargreaves has been found guilty on two accounts of animal cruelty and neglect at Tameside Court in Ashton Under Lyne. The Court is considering a custodial sentence and he will certainly receive a disqualification stopping owning, training and having animals in his care.

Skipped to Thailand: The final sentencing court date was expected to be May 16th, 2022. Hargreaves did not turn up, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest, but he had fled to Thailand and is trying to set up a puppy farming and dog training business there.

I tracked him down and his website is  He continues to offer his services and to copy a number of my articles claiming them as his own. It appears he calls himself Patchani Pamboot but is clearly Peter Hargreaves. 

He also calls himself The Farang Trainer Thailand. Farang  means A foreigner in Thailand who is of Western ancestry, his address is:
2/4 Moo7
Soi 63
Chaoafa Road
+66 921808551
E-mail: [email protected] 

Why Not Ask For Extradition? This bully and scam merchant has skipped the country like the coward he is, like most bullies when it comes to really facing up to his brutality and animal abuse he runs away he will certainly be given a jail sentence.

Why doesn’t the British justice system issue an international arrest warrant and have him extradited? Can you get extradited from Thailand?

Thai law allows extradition under limited circumstances. Countries including the UK may seek extradition for offences that warrant a year or more in prison. Surely with him skipping the country, the sentence would be more than that. The fact that he is carrying on working with dogs surely warrants the Thais to throw him out or extradite him.

I believe there will be many more cases of abuse and scams that will come to light.  I would like people to send me details of the harm he has done to their dogs. Or if he has sold you a dog it is probably puppy farmed and will have forged papers

Contact Me: If people have bought dogs or puppies from this man, did you get legal paperwork?  I believe he may have falsified their papers as he appears to have totally falsified all his work and credentials. People who have bought from him have had their dog’s DNA tested and found they are not purebred as he advertised.

If he tried to train your dog, what state was it in afterwards? Did he take the money and not give you the service? All these things can be sent to court therefore if they ever catch up with him they can add it to the litany of his crimes.

Hargreaves stole over 25 of my articles and posted them on his website stating they were all his own work. That is plagiarism and theft of intellectual property he has stolen other people’s work as well. The court case centred around his own dog a boxer called Kevin that was not treated for serious injuries he inflicted by using a prong collar.

I know of no behaviourists that would use a prong collar or check chains on a dog. He left the prong collar around his dog’s neck for so long that the prongs grew into the dog’s neck causing serious lesions pain and distress, he further compounded the injury as he did get the injuries treated and was found guilty of neglect as well as animal cruelty.

However, I have heard of the damage this man caused to his client’s dogs and the stories are horrifying, one dog almost died plus the money he took and never gave the service promised he is a bully and a scammer.

This man is still advertising his services as a dog behaviourist and dog trainer in Thailand despite being found guilty of animal cruelty. He has certainly had a chequered career despite claiming he has been a trainer and behaviourist for 35 years he has also been an MD or director of numerous companies that appear to have all been liquidated.

He also falsified all his credentials and wrote his own testimonials and recommendations. There are numerous dogs that have been a victim of this man’s cruelty when he had their dogs in residential training.

I personally never take dogs into residential training, and never worked with a dog unless the owner was present at all times except for my position as an expert witness under the dangerous dogs act where I assessed dogs that were in police custody.

I believe that there are very good residential trainers, Unfortunately,  there are also numerous Peter Hargreaves, I have never recommended or believed in this type of training for several reasons the most important one being it is generally the owner, not the dog that requires the training.

The court’s address is
Tameside Magistrates’ Court,
Henry Square,
[email protected]

© Stan Rawlinson
Dog Behaviourist and Trainer

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