Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer and Animal Abuser

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Peter Hargreaves Dog Harmony Training and Nordenlights Golden Retrievers Dog Abuser

This is Peter Hargreaves who stole over 20 of my articles and claimed them as his own

My First Contact: I first heard of Peter Hargreaves in 2018 when a client of mine e-mailed me to tell me someone was using my articles and claiming that he wrote them.

I went onto his website and found over 20 of my articles and pictures and many other trainers and behaviourists work being used to scam unsuspecting clients into believing he actually knows something about Dog Behaviour or Training.

I never attack other trainers or behaviourists it is unprofessional, but when someone has used my work and articles to con people into using his services, then I feel I have every right to call him out.

Fantasist and Liar: He is a fantasist and a compulsive liar among many other fraudulent and criminal acts he has been involved in. He has conned people out of thousands and damaged their pets in the process. He has claimed lots of things nearly all total fabrication and lies. Avoid Any Contact With This Man.

Peter Hargreaves claims he is a dog behaviourist and trainer he is neither. In reality, he is a conman, fraudster, scammer, plagiarist, puppy farmer as well as a convicted animal abuser.

He was found guilty on two accounts of animal cruelty and neglect of animals at Tameside Court in Ashton-under-Lyne on March 11th 2022. The Court was seriously considering a custodial sentence and he will receive a disqualification for owning, training and having animals in his care.

Under Investigation: He is also under investigation for numerous other possible felonies regarding his training methods and his dog breeding business. Trading Standards have taken an interest in him and his website has been removed from Google.

Left The UK: The final sentencing court date was expected to be May 16th, 2022. He did not turn up. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, but he has apparently fled to Thailand and is trying to set up a puppy farming and training business there. This bullying scam merchant has skipped the country like most bullies when it comes to facing up to his brutality, animal abuse and numerous other offences.

 Contact Trading Standards or The Court: I believe there will be more abuse and scam cases that will come to light, and I would like people to send me details of the harm this man has done to their dogs. Or if he has sold you a dog that you were told was a pedigree. DNA of some dogs that he has sold as pedigrees have shown they are mongrels and crossbreeds and were probably brought in from Ireland, most probably puppy farmed and may have forged papers.

What Dogs Need is Kindness and Understanding, Not Brutality

If people have bought dogs or puppies from this man did you get legal paperwork?  I believe he may have falsified their papers as he appears to have totally falsified all his work and credentials. 

If he tried to train your dog, what state was it in afterwards? Did he take the money and not give you the service? All these things can be sent to court so if they ever catch up with him they can take these into consideration when passing down a sentence.

My recommendation is to contact trading standards if you have had to deal with Hargreaves and have not received the service you paid him for. I know of a number where the dogs were badly traumatised and he refused to return the money, people had paid him in advance for work he had promised to do and never received the service or the money back

Cruelty To His Boxer: The court case centred around his own dog a boxer called Kevin who was not treated for serious injuries he inflicted using a prong collar. I know of no behaviourists that would ever use a prong collar, check or check chains on a dog.

He left the prong collar around his dog’s neck for so long that it caused serious lesions and distress when the prongs grew into the dog’s neck, he further compounded the injury by not taking the dog to the vet for treatment, so was also found guilty of neglect as well as animal cruelty.

This man was still advertising his services as a dog behaviourist and dog trainer a month after being found guilty on March 11th, 2022, He has certainly had a chequered career despite claiming he has been a trainer and behaviourist for 35 years, he has also been an MD or director of numerous other companies that appear to have been liquidated.

He falsified most if not all his credentials and references and wrote his own testimonials and recommendations. There are numerous clients that have been a victim of this man’s cruelty and threats when he took their dogs into residential training.

Residential Training: I have personally never taken dogs into residential training, I have never ever worked with a dog unless the owner was present except in my work as an expert witness under the dangerous dog’s act of 1991 where I assessed dogs that were in police custody. I also temperament tested the banned breeds and defended dogs in numerous court cases.

I believe that there are very good residential trainers, Unfortunately, there are also numerous bad ones. I have never recommended or believed in residential training for a number of reasons, one being it is generally the owner, not the dog that requires the training. The other is it’s open to abuse as you cannot monitor what they are doing to your dogs.

The court’s address if you wish to report any problems you have had with this man or just write to me and I will pass it on.

Tameside Magistrates’ Court,
Henry Square,

If you would like to contact your local authority trading standards service, please enter your postcode on the “Find my Council” page of the .gov website to find a Trading Standards office near you.

© Stan Rawlinson June 5, 2022
Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer

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