Gavin Grant Fatcat Boss of RSPCA

Gavin Grant Fatcat Boss of RSPCA

RSPCA fatcat ‘rakes in 45% more’ than the previous boss – but the charity is spending LESS on animal welfare

  • Gavin Grant earns up to £160,000 a year as the RSPCA’s chief executive
  • His predecessor Mark Watts earned between £110,000 and £120,000
  • Pay revealed in figures which show the animal charity’s income is falling
Gavin Grant Fatcat Boss of RSPCA
Gavin Grant Fatcat Boss of RSPCA

The new ‘fat cat’ boss of the RSPCA is being paid up to 45 percent more than his predecessor, figures revealed yesterday.

Gavin Grant was accused of ‘brazen greed’ at a time when the animal charity’s income from donations is falling.

Figures also showed the RSPCA is spending less on animal welfare, but more on prosecuting people for alleged cruelty.

Mr Grant, a former public relations executive and lifelong Liberal Democrat who is credited with helping Nick Clegg become party leader, began as RSPCA chief executive in January 2012.

At the time, the charity refused to disclose his pay package, but yesterday its annual report revealed the figure to be between £150,000 and £160,000. The RSPCA still would not state his exact earnings.

His predecessor, Mark Watts, earned £110,000 to £120,000, meaning Mr Grant is raking in between £30,000 and £50,000 more – a rise of between 25 per cent and 45 per cent.

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My take on this story

The hardworking inspectors and collection officers of the RSPCA have not had a pay rise for over six years, despite being expected to work longer hours, covering much larger area’s and with little or no support from RSPCA HQ! 

He has presided over a year that has seen the RSPCA derided and attacked for moving more in the direction of animal rights than animal welfare when they have prosecuted innocent people for giving flea treatment to their dog, you know there is something badly wrong See HERE

Jackie Ballard a previous boss was also a Liberal Democrat. Why are these charities employing washed up politicians, who know nothing about animal welfare, and everything about gesture politics?

I have written about concerns regarding the RSPCA on a number of occasions. I am afraid they are not my favourite charity, my colleagues tend to agree. The RSPCA has a penchant for neutering dogs at the age of six weeks. See HERE and killing nearly half of the animals that cross their path.

I believe the RSPCA needs investigating. I feel it may be abusing its status as a charity by what I can only describe as intimidation. Acting as if they have official status when they have no more powers than any other member of the general public.

No wonder donations are falling when figures like this emerge. We donate to help real cats and real dogs, NOT fat cats and dirty dogs!

I would like to ask everyone that is concerned about this Charity, that proudly boasts a Royal Warrant to sign a petition to investigate their infringements of Civil and legal rights. Click HERE

You could be the next innocent victim of their war on pet owners.

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