RSPCA bring outrageous cases against general public

RSPCA bring outrageous cases against general public

RSPCA Brings ‘Outrageous’ Case Against Woman Who Treated Her Dog For Fleas

When the family dog, Becks, got fleas, Charlene Draper did what any responsible owner would do.

She treated him with canine anti-flea shampoo. As a result, thanks to Britain’s biggest animal welfare charity, she found herself in court last week, facing up to six months in prison and costs of £8,000. 

Ms Draper, from Milton Keynes, didn’t know it, and the instructions with the shampoo didn’t tell her, but some dogs are allergic to the saliva left behind when a flea bites them, and the shampoo can increase the chances of getting the allergy. “It is a very common problem,” says Colin Vogel, a vet who testified for the defence. “I have seen it hundreds of times in practice. This is what makes this such an outrageous case.”

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My take on this story
I am not surprised by all these revelations. I believe the RSPCA has lost its moral compass. It is my belief that It has become the worst animal welfare organisation certainly in the UK, and probably in the World.

When they can neuter puppies of six weeks old and feel that it is morally defensible. Where they can shoot ten German Shepherds with a captive bolt gun after the owner had died. If the general public had done that the RSPCA would have taken them to court.

It is illegal to kill a pet with a captive bolt gun as used in abattoirs. Each of the dogs was systematically dragged out of the house using a grasper, then each dog was first shot through the head with a captive bolt gun at least once and then pithed with a metal rod, it is believed they used a screwdriver. Pithing is a legal requirement after the use of a captive bolt gun.

More recently they were involved in more controversy where they were accused of needlessly slaughtering more than 40 sheep at a Kent dockside, and using a photograph of the dead animals to further its campaign against live animal exports. what made it worse was that they erected a temporary pen with a large storm drain down the back.

Six of the sheep fell into the storm drain and although four were saved by the RSPCA inspectors, two of them died.  Once again if a farmer or the general public had done this they would probably have been prosecuted by the same shambolic organisation that caused the problem in the first place. Read more HERE

I think it is time the RSPCA lost its Royal warrant, and the inspectors should be banned from wearing police-style uniforms and trying to suggest they have any more rights than the general public, regarding animal welfare. Intimidation by these people should be fully investigated. And the courts should treat their prosecution with a large pinch of salt. I tried to find out how much of your hard-earned cash goes into the actual welfare of animals. It appears not to have been published for some time.

I am led to believe it may be less than 10p in the pound, but I cannot corroborate that.

I am afraid the RSPCA appear to be turning increasingly to animal rights, at the expense of human rights, rather than animal welfare. That is what knocks public confidence, I always give to small charities. I want the money to go to the welfare of animals not to demonise owners for things they have never done. Or for apparently paying their chief executive Gavin Grant, in excess of £150.000 a year

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