Easidri Gel Cooling Mats 40cm x 30cm Small


76% Off Normal Price Slight Seconds Small Marks Only

This is the original and probably the best of all the cooling mats. Filled with a Gel that is totally non-toxic to Cats and Dogs.

I managed to buy a job lot whereby the printing in the package had transferred in some cases onto the material, so they are all brand new but slight seconds.

We are expecting other heatwaves in late June and July running into September. We are selling these for £8.00 normal price £17.99 which is a reduction of 76%

These are the real good Non-Toxic liquid Gel ones, I have used these for years.

I would keep a couple. Keep one in the fridge though they are small the dogs or cats will put their tummy on them. The Gel is self-cooling but you can pop them in the fridge to get them even colder.

Do not Freeze you will destroy the cooling element of the Gel.

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