Interactive Rope Toy




Interactive Rope Toy

A large strong log like woven cotton rope toy.,

Come in two sizes XL and Medium

This is really eco-friendly as it is made from recycled teeshirts.

Great for either carrying around, throwing and retrieving and games of tug.

Far better than sticks to retrieve as sticks can be very dangerous.for all dogs

Also great for chewers and that includes the arch chewers of all the puppies and some dogs suck on these like a comfort blanket.

Sturdy and well made definitely worth adding to your list. of workable and interactive toys.

Warning: This toy has been designed for tugging and play. However, this toy is not indestructible. Please supervise your dog whilst they play with this toy. Please be mindful when selecting a toy for your dog. as they will chew strands an undue knots

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