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Stan Rawlinson has manufactured what is arguably the best dog lead on the market made from ultra strong cushion web.



My Famous and Versatile Cushion Web Lead

The Doglistener lead is made to my own specifications. They are not available anywhere else and are unique to my brand name Doglistener.

Approximately 5ft 8″/9″inches long. I have found this length of lead is far better for handling all sizes of dogs when walking to heel.

All the leads have an O-ring attached to the handle for ease of carrying around your body, poo bags can be tied or clipped on, or for tying up the dogs, and to half the length when in busy places so the dog it tight and close to you.

They also have a D ring near the clip where you can attach the Jingler.

The leads are made from ultra-strong cushion web in a choice of six colours. And are all fully machine washable, and so are the collars.

The feel of this lead is very different from any other type you may have handled. It does not burn your hand and feels soft though incredibly strong.

All my leads and collars are fully washable. When washing the lead put in a cloth bag or a pillowcase because of the metal clips. After washing they come up looking almost brand new.

My promise to you is that if you not happy or totally satisfied with this lead when you receive it If you do not think it is the best lead you have handled or owned. I will offer a full money-back guarantee less postage if it hasn’t been used. If it is faulty obviously I will refund the postage.

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This lead is also designed to work in tandem with the Jingler, as it has a special D ring to attach the Jingler in the correct position.

It has an O-ring attached to the handle for ease of carrying, or for tying up the dogs, and to half the length when in busy places.

You just put the clip through the ring. It is the correct length for use with the jingler. It also makes a great stand-alone lead.

All my leads and collars are made in the UK to the highest quality specifications.

I can almost guarantee you will never want to use another lead or collar.


Rawlinson & Co

Rawlinson & Co

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