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500g of free-range strips of air-dried pigs ears, a great crunchy chewy snack for dogs and puppies

Totally natural no additives, growth hormones, antibiotics, colourants, or preservatives just as nature intended.

Ideal for all sizes of dogs. A great teeth cleaner and satisfies the urge to chew.

Pigs ears are easily digested with a high content of cartilage for strong jaws and muscles.

I like them because they are cut into manageable strips. Many dogs struggle with a large pig’s ears, and small dogs or puppies can be put off with their size

These pigs’ ears are cut into strips, making them particularly suitable for smaller dogs or as a fun chew between meals.

  • Made from fresh raw ingredients
  • No chemical additives
  • No flavourings or colourings
  • Gently dried and natural
  • No sugar or caramel
  • No preservatives
  • Does not splinter
  • Suitable for puppies and older dogs
  • Come from EU regulated livestock
  • Human grade meat.
  • From free-range animals, all grown as nature intended
  • No growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.
  • All meat used is Non-Halal

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