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Puppy Socialisation Classes Held in Hampton     
 Spaces in my popular classes. Book early to avoid disappointment as classes are always over-subscribed. Close to Kingston, Hampton, Twickenham, Sunbury, Richmond, Sheen, Teddington, Molesey, Surbiton, Hanworth, Feltham, Hounslow, Barnes, 
New Dates


Puppy Classes: Mondays 09th May to 13th June 

Junior Classes: Mondays 09th July to 13nd August

Junior Classes: Mondays 18th July to 22nd August


Puppy Classes: Tuesdays 19th June to 23rd August 

Please click on the link to see further info and  Booking Form you vital advice about preparing for the puppy and other areas of importance relating to the 1st 16 weeks of your pups life. Classes cover socialisation, basics, behaviour, toileting, walking to heel, recall, nipping, biting, jumping up, competitions.
English and French Bulldog at my Puppy Classes

English and French Bulldog at my Puppy Classes

Vital Socialisation. We now have our own Specialised Dog Store in Hampton Hill which has just opened. 

 My daughter Louise runs the classes with other staff. She has been through extensive training courses on my techniques. Louise has now been running these courses for over twelve years.

Louise also owns Paws for Coffee and a Dog Walking, Dog Sitting Business called Paws Academy during the day. For those people that require this service please contact her on 0208 123 6085

New Dog Store: We have recently opened a specialised Dog Store in Hampton Hill which has everything you need for your puppies and adult dog.

We stock only the very best adult dog and puppy food and totally natural air-dried dog treats leads collars, we have everything you need for your puppy including crates toys and training aids.

It is definitely worth a visit I am personally there on some days and can give advice on all aspects of rearing puppies as I have written numerous top rated articles on the subject. All About Puppies

If you want to speak to me personally or one of my staff, give me a call on 0208 977 3198 The Address is 30 High Street Hampton Hill TW12 1PD. Parking outside is free plus there is a large car park at the back of Sainsbury’s Express Store about 250 yards down the road.

At the classes, we play “pass the puppy” where every person at the class handles all the pups in a kind and positive way.

This builds up the pups confidence in being handled and touched by other people and not just the owner. 

Problems Caused by Lack of Socialisation: As one of the leading Dog Behaviourists in the UK see and treat many dogs that have a problem with children, adults and of course other dogs. My intention is that none of the pups in my classes will suffer these problems in later life. 

To be able to make that statement means that I am acutely aware of the need to socialise and train puppies in the first 16 weeks of their life. This period is the most critical in forming a well-rounded and pleasant dog.  

Stan Rawlinson Leading Dog Behaviourist and Puppy Expert Puppy Classes socialisation classes

Stan Rawlinson Leading Dog Behaviourist and Puppy Expert Puppy Classes socialisation classes

I always try to have children in my classes, so they are being handled by adults and children in a kind and positive manner.

As long as the puppies have had their first vaccinations and are over 8 weeks of age, then they are fine to come to these classes. see: 

Critical Periods in Your Pups Psychological Growth and one of the main reasons for aggression and biting from dogs is Fear and Timidity which explains just how important classes and early socialisation are to the future behaviour of your dog.

Competitions: We have little competitions on a weekly basis, such as the best sit, the best down, and the sit stays, walking to heel, down-stay. Prizes are awarded weekly. Which culminates in week six with the puppy that has learned the best trick. and a prize for which puppy has improved the most during the classes.

It is all a bit of fun, however, it does have a practical side. Owners tend to put more effort in if there is an enjoyable but slightly competitive element. The winners get a bag of treats or special goodbye hooves (for the dogs of course, not the humans). The goodbye Hooves are to help in training the pups to accept periods when they are on their own. see Separation Anxiety

Things To Bring: All attendees will need to bring some treats and of course poo bags to pick up any little accidents.  Click for a selection of Puppy Class Pictures 

If you are not in my area this is what you should look for when choosing a class:

  • No puppy should be over 18 weeks of age at the beginning of a six-week course. This is because at 24 weeks dogs turn from pups to juniors and at that age, they can have a very negative effect on the other puppies in the classes.

  • Normally ten/twelve pups per class. Any more than this and the class becomes unmanageable and both the owners and the pups suffer.

  • The pups should be allowed about ten minutes free but controlled play with the other pups at the end of each class. If they are not allowed this then they do not learn meeting and greeting rituals, which are paramount to future relationships with dogs. This should be tightly controlled so no pup gets bullied or hurt. 

  • No check or choke chains or aggressive training methods should be employed. Having said that, puppies need to know right from wrong. Therefore, I do not subscribe to the idiotic notion that we should ignore all bad behaviour and only praise good behaviour.

  • Preferably the class should have a specific length, the best is six weeks long. They should not be roll on roll off classes where puppies just join a rolling ongoing course that has no beginning or end. Ours is a structured course that has a full agenda.
  • The puppies should be handled by all the other people and children attending the classes. We call this pass the puppy.  
Young handler working with a Cockerpoo in my classes

Young handler working with a Cockerpoo in my classes

May I also suggest you visit my Web site under “Puppy’s” There are lots of interesting articles that I have written for numerous magazines and newspapers.

Plus  a lot of peer recognised up to the minute behavioural science, advice, and helpful hints for you and the new addition to your family

You may also wish to consider a “Puppy Assessment”. This is a full personality test at your own home.

It includes an appraisal to indicate your dog’s character and possible behaviour in later life;

It also indicates the dog’s ability to learn and points to the methods that should work best for your individual dog. My daughter now runs this service

This allows you to tailor your training to your dog’s individual temperament, aptitude, and ability. I believe this to be extremely important and should be considered for all new puppies, but is almost a necessity for first-time dog or puppy owners.

Remember you may have this dog for upwards of 15 years, and in some cases longer. This assessment costs £200. What you do and how you train and develop your dog at this age, is so vitally important. It shapes the behaviour of your puppy for the remainder of his or her life.

The assessment also covers sleeping arrangements, feeding, toileting, initial training schedules, training expectations, crate training and some important articles 

You also get a checklist for socialising your pup and articles on first aid, basic obedience, overcoming nipping and biting, jumping up, and how to start your dog on lead work, and especially recall. Done correctly at an early age, you should have no problems later on when your puppy matures and could get the wanderlust.

Before you pick up your puppy, it is wise to prepare everything well in advance from Dog Food to What Treats. Crate and Toilet Training  Collars Leads and Whistles  

These Puppy Socialisation Classes are close to Kingston, Hampton, Twickenham, Sunbury, Richmond, Teddington, Molesey, Surbiton, Hanworth, Feltham, Hounslow areas on the Middlesex Surrey Border. And surrounding areas

         Class March 2012

         The first class in 2012

Stan Rawlinson Puppy Classes

I would recommend booking my classes early as they are always over subscribed
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