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Specialised Acme whistle. In dog training circles, these are the whistles that all the people in the know use.

They are specifically manufactured so all the whistles with this exclusive number on are manufactured to the exact same pitch and tone.

If you lost one you would not have to acclimatise the dog to a new sounding whistle. Which normally takes ten days

This whistle is a 211.5 and comes with a unique Doglistener lanyard and full instructions on recall techniques and how to set the whistle to your dog.

Recall on the gallop Jetoneof my working Cockers I recommend two whistles. If you have a partner or someone else you walk your dog with, then you can blow the whistles back and forth when out training. 

The dog enjoys it, and more importantly, they learn the power of the whistle and good recall.

Get your friend, family member or partner to move initially 20 yards away, get them to blow the whistle to get the dog to come to them. Continue this over a period of time till you get to 100 yards. 

Treat and praise. when you get the dog to come back. A great way to instil whistle training into any dog. Then follow further instructions that come with the whistle

Made and assembled in the UK. Click the picture left for more information that will take you to an article related to recall with an older dog, and a couple of short video with me and my dogs doing a bit of fun whistle training. Click on Puppy Recall Training if you want details of puppy recall.



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