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Training Aids

  • The Jingler

    The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer (Doglistener).

    The bells size and sound is unique I have them all specially made are me once i managed to get the right sound. There are three bells on every set and they are all in silver.

    If you imagine that the Jingler is the opposite of a clicker. Whilst the clicker tells your dog when it has done something right, The Jingler indicates when it has done something wrong

  • Ultra Short Dog Leads and also Used for Recall

    Exclusive Doglistener short dog leads as a house or large dog lead. These can only be bought from this website. Soft yet amazingly strong with man size clips that will not break under any strain.