10 Commandments for Dogs

10 Commandments for Dogs

Stan Rawlinson Doglistener and Behaviourist is the Author of The 10 Commandments From a Dogs Point of View

I wrote this in 1993 and do not regret one word of it

You can use my Ten Commandments on websites, blogs Facebook etc, as long as it is not for financial gain. 
I would require being credited as the author, and linked back to my site with the following:

Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer. Author of the “Ten Commandments For Pets”
You can visit his website and articles at https://www.doglistener.co.uk/

Is your dog pulling on the Lead or Jumping Up? See article and Video Clips. The Jingler

These are just a tiny few of the comments I receive about The Ten Commandments

 Hallo Stan Rawlinson,

You don’t know me, but I wanted to write to you about your wonderful ‘Ten Commandments for Dogs’, to let you know how much these special words are still appreciated – 20years after you first copyrighted the list, and from the other side of our world.

I have no idea how and when I found it, but I loved the beautiful sentiments, shed some tears and totally empathised and agreed with each and every ‘Commandment’.  I tucked it away for some time, always knowing I would use it somewhere, someday.
Following success on the American Squidoo writing platform and the first stories of all our dogs, I began my online journal ceedee country and soon found inspiration for an article called All Our Dogs, and a place for your wonderful words.
Now I’ve just joined Facebook some days ago, and today sent the link to this post to my oldest friend, who is an RSPCA Inspector in Canberra (Australia).  We were dog lovers extraordinaire, way back as little girls (60+ years ago!) – and that has never changed.
It occurred to me to first ‘Google’ your name – and then, check if you were on Facebook. Ahh-h-h, the wonders of modern technology – and the chance of bringing the many corners of our world so close together. How happy I am to have found you and read so much about you – and I hope you will also be happy to know I have changed your copyright/name/year acknowledgement at the end of my article, to the full wording you prefer.
The purpose of this email to you is to say the sincerest ‘thank you Stan’.  Between your Ten Commandments for Dogs, and the story of the Rainbow Bridge, there isn’t a dry eye in this house, with countless precious memories stirred and enjoyed, all over again.
Congratulations on all that you do so well, and may the best of all things come your way.
That’s the law of Karma.

Christine Larsen


Just wanted to let you know I love your 10 commandments for dogs we are dog lovers
and we just recently lost our Shephard Khan he was going to be 12 years old but we still have Bear Khan’s
son he just turned 11 he is doing ok now but I cannot bear to think how my life will be when I lose him:(
thank you for your 10 Commandments for dogs because it is so true I do not know how anyone can be cruel to any animal
thank you,Mary

I read this first at my vet, it really moved me and the words always stayed with me. My dog is now 12yrs old. She is diabetic and going blind. I had to bring Sally back over to the vet at the weekend and asked the vet where she got this verse from. I have since printed it out and framed it. Every time I read it I cry. It totally breaks my heart to read no.10 as I know that day will be coming soon. I got word that Sally has chronic liver damage and it is now downhill but at the moment she is not suffering but when she is…… One of the most lovely verses ever written, a true animal lover composed it.


A very intelligent and caring person wrote that – and more have shared it. Thank you all.


When I first read the Ten Commandments I was awe struck. It took my breath away, furthermore it brought me to tears. I was ashamed of myself for being in considerate of my animal friends. Needless to say it has change me a great deal. I immediately made a copy of it and changed the title to ” The Ten Commandments I make to Riley,” Riley, my best buddy and friend past away this past week.

My wife and I had to make that decision. A decision that came easier knowing that he was suffering. I sent a note to Riley’s and my friends, commemorating his passing and with it I pasted a copy of the Ten Commandments. I have received more comment about the beautiful attachment. All pet owners should be required to make sign this commitment before they purchase a pet.

Richard Rutledge

I just had to put my dog of 14 years down this past week, it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have printed this and will post it at the shelter where I volunteer. It is something every one should follow, I will share with all my animal loving friends and familyThis is one of the most important thing that pet owners will ever read. thank you for posting and writing this. Im sending this to all my pet owning friends and family members.


My mommy has that hanging on our fridge. i wish everyone who has an animal friend in their life would live by these rules.


Lovely, it’s a wake-up call. Being there until the very end truly counts.
Through good times and bad times, keep in mind that owning a pet is a sacred commitment.

Dear Dog listener

After visiting your site, I came across your 10 Commandments, never a truer word wrote.
Each and every animal falls within every word.   I only wish your 10 Commandments
were available for all animals when purchased or otherwise.
Keep up the good work



I’ve just received word that our local Veterinary Hospital has found a home, on trial, for my beloved Cornish Rex.  Listening to the message, I found is so bitter-sweet only to open my next e-mail and find your beautiful piece.  It took me some time to trace you as the author but when I did, I had to let you know I found your words of great comfort.
Thank you,
Gord Swanson

Surrey, BC  Canada

Mr. Rawlinson,

So you know , from the bottom of my heart thank you for taking the time to write the “A Pet’s Ten Commandments” ! With coming onto the 1st yr anniversary of our beloved Rotti going over the Rainbow Bridge, I know hell is coming back to our home. Our Boy was everyones boy, Maxwell, was the Doggy Husband, for protection and a restful night sleep for the children and me, the big brother to three kids who’s father was overseas almost all their  childhood serving the US Navy, he was the gentle giant when that hubby and big brother return home injuried from the War! He was the the personal assistant to our baby who lived in a body cast for six months at age 11 months, the dog catcher when a unknown dog pinned our other daughter up against a wall, the big dog at the vet office when he stood there for over a hour giving his blood to a litter of resuced Rottis, he was our daughters and my extra pillow when we came home to recover after being hit by a drunk driver, our tear remover when we held a vigil at my son’s bedside, when he was struck by a  car and fought with all his might, and my unconditional love when I the momma, his momma was diagnoised with cancer. Four months after my surgeries were done, Our boy suffered a stroke and we knew he wanted to go home.

Maxwell went over the rainbow bridge with his family laying with him on his favorite blanket. His suffering was over. AS much as it broke our hearts, esp our 3 childrens’, We will never look back at that day as a regret, as your poem also states. Now that I have cried now for the last hour.Thank you very much, AS you might know, mom’s dont cry!!
May God Bless you and as we taught maxwell “Paw 5”. We did have him cremated and his is seperated into different hand picked urns for the children and dad and me. they also did his paw prints into clay for everyone! Now Each will have a copy of this poem. Again Thank you so very much!!
Sir Windsor Maxwell Otto Smith
6-5-98 to 3-18-2010
We did rescue a Lil girl, she will be 2 in april, she is a cane corso italiano, named Susanna. why do the big ones think they are small as a poodle?? but she makes us smile again.
But I am done. Thanks for letting this mom write to you, it was such a relief for my heart and I thank you os very much. I am not expecting this to even go thru let alone to get a response, which is ok, cause I know I wrote it and so does my boy.
Thank you again, May you forever be blessed
Dawn M.Smith and family
Chesaapeake, Va 23325


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