A Different Breed TV Series

A Different Breed TV Series

Sky 1 Dogumentary “A Different Breed” A new dog series from the makers of Pineapple Dance Studio.

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A Different Breed Sky1 DogumentaryI have been involved as a behaviourist in the  series on Sky1 and Sky1 HD that came to your screens in April 2011. It is being repeated on Sky most every day.

This is a documentary with a difference.

It follows the fortunes of a group of colourful characters from the wacky world of dogs.

From dog walkers, doggy boutique owners, doglisteners and dog creches.

A Different Breed is not your normal dog show, as the makers are the brains behind the cult TV hit Pineapple Dance Studios. They have now turned their attentions from prima donnas to prima pooches in a fly on the wall type observational “dogumentary” that explores the mad and hilarious world of man’s best friend.

Starting June 2010 my daughter and I were filmed initially to see if we were the right type people for this eight part series. ( eccentric?) We then spent a number of weeks filming in different locations and with different dogs.

We soon found out that this was to be no ordinary dog show, as the dogs were interviewed and will have their own voices, accents and personalities. In one shot we had come out of filming in a vets, and passed a hardware shop on the way back to the vehicles. A pigeon had flown into the shop and was causing havoc.

I went into the shop rescued the pigeon, to the delight of all the terrified shop staff and customers. (why do so many people have this fear of pigeons?) But before the pigeon was released it was also given a short interview by the director who had filmed the whole thing. A touch surreal.

You are never sure how they will portray you especially as it is a humorous and entertaining program. I am briefly in episode one however Louise and I are mainly in episode three and six. Louise is the one with the doggy creche and her own Daccies and I am the behaviourist/doglistener in the show. 

I went to the premier up in London. It was very funny. My thanks to the crew and the directors who made it all such fun, and to the croissants (the crew will know what I mean). The first show went out on Wednesday the 8th of April 2011. 

Below is a clip of me working with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that had severe tail chasing. This clip shows me with a dog I have never even met before working with the dog  by
setting a sound aversion psychologically on a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was spinning uncontrollably.

The owner had stated he had never been able to stop the dog spinning despite using numerous methods.These included throwing water, blankets over it, and even hitting it to try and stop this debilitating and compulsive behaviour.                             
Bull breeds in particular are susceptible to this behaviour. Many are put down because they cannot be stopped.
They can become very aggressive if you approach them whilst spinning. I show the behaviour under certain circumstances can be can be controlled.

I worked with A Border Collie recently. It had been spinning for 6 hours a day for over four years. The dog now has a life back, and has totally stopped this obsessive compulsive disorder





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